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Equinox on the Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2007
I've been living here a year now. In that time, I have been watching the place fall apart...literally as well as figuratively. The security gates are all broken, save one...and it's the pedestrian gate right next to the WIDE OPEN vehicle gate. Management is in the office and the office is open, but only whenever they feel like it, and rarely during the posted hours. Maintenance requests? You may as well fix it yourself. 1) You'll do a better job with a D-I-Y book from Home Depot, some spackling and duct tape than what they do IF they actually come over to do it, and 2) they'll conveniently "forget" to draw up a work order anyway, despite repeated calls.<br><br>The trees are all dying, and not from the drought. The grass is patchy - again, not from the drought. There's trash littering the breezeways from lazy tenants who won't pick up the Chinese food and Pizza delivery menus stuck to their doors or the phonebooks left there 2 months ago. A neighbor across the hall from me has a hole through the wall next to the dryer vent. No, not IN the wall, THROUGH the wall...and right into the apartment. There are probably a total of 200 dead insects in each of the overhead lights in the breezeways and only about 1/3 of them actually work. When we had the snow and ice 2 weeks ago, did anyone think that hmm...maybe it's slippery and maybe we should put down some sand or ice melt? Nope...and my dog nearly broke her leg when I took her down the stairs to relieve herself. I was next, and my knee STILL hurts.<br><br>And that's just the grounds.<br><br>My next-door neighbor shuts a door and my living room wall shakes. He clears his throat and I can hear him quite well...and my hearing's not great to begin with. The wind blows outside and my verticle blinds begin swaying, not to mention frigid air whisling through the kitchen light switch cover from outside. Insulation? Um...what's that? Last month's electric bill was $85.00. That's my lowest yet. This month's is nearly $190.00 since I had to crank the heat up to get over the cold seeping through the walls. No wonder I had pneumonia over New Year's!<br><br>My garage door broke. Their solution? After 4 months, they screwed in a piece of 2x4 to the broken section to hold it together. My microwave broke in May. They finally replaced it in November. After I reminded them 6 times. And finally the last time with a certified letter, so I guess they realized that they needed to actually DO something as now I had proof that they received the complaint.<br><br>One resident told me that he received a notice to vacate stuck to his door. He took it to the office and said, "What's this? I paid my rent on time!" They asked where he did this, and he said that he dropped it in the night deposit box (since the management is never in the office). They told him that they take those checks and deposit them in one lump sum, and that he would have to prove that his check was among them. He had to get a copy of the canceled check to show them that he paid his own rent - they never recorded it, and he wasn't the only one. There were at least two others like this which I saw bringing notices to the office as I spoke with him outside, then coming out mumbling angrily about needing proof that their rent was paid.<br><br>The only thing I really can say that I like is the layout of the apartment, its high ceilings and nice fireplace, wide bathtub and the fact that I have a garage to keep my vehicle in out of the elements. That, and I'm only 3 miles from work and less than 1/2 mile to the grocery store. But that's really about it. And truthfully, that's the ONLY reason I'm staying here, but if anything ELSE goes wrong, I'm gone. The apartment complex is by no means the worst I've ever experienced, and it certainly is not the best.<br><br>But the management company is *T*H*E* worse I have ever dealt with, bar none.
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Equinox on the Park Apartments

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