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Lakeway Forest Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/05/2005
I moved here in june 2005 and thought i was getting a great deal! First of all i had to move in an apt right away because i was moving here from another city and had a new job. Well this sounded like a great deal. <br><br>Where do i begin? First of all, the leasing agent told me i would get a deal for $440 a month and $40 for washer and dryer with $75 deposit and $40 fee. Well i paid that and she neglected to tell me that I had to pay prorated rent as well! She didn't tell me to one month after i lived there and expected me to pay for it. <br><br><br>Needless to say, she's no longer there!<br><br>Okay i let that slide. Next , i barbequed on my patio and the neighbors complained about the smoke?? Hello! It's a barbeque, they told me it was a city ordinance to do that and i had to be 10 ft away!<br><br><br>Next, i had ants all in my closet and they still haven't sprayed. <br><br>The neighbors upstairs are nasty and there's now a couple of roaches i've seen. Not the apts fault but the neigbors are gross because i had no roaches before they moved in.<br><br>Finally, my car was burglarized!! Took my radio, broke my windows etc. the garland police is full of sh%3t!! If you drive a honda avoid it at all costs!<br><br>One more thing, the pools are supposed to be so convenient but ummm why come only one is open at all times??<br><br>One more thing..lol! Dog poop everywhere!!<br><br>i am planning on leaving if i have to break the lease !!<br><br>unfortunately these are the cheapest in town!
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Lakeway Forest Apartments

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