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Georgetown Park Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/13/2005
My boyfriend had to find an aprtment quick in order to start a new job in Georgetown and we chose this one after one viewing. This aprtment complex is beyond bad. First of all, for females - you are not safe here. There are gang members, drug deals, and tons and tons of illegal aliens using this complex as their playground. The first hour I was here, I saw someone get arrested. I have seen the Georgetown PD here many times. Trash piles up in the dumpsters and smells so bad that we actually considered calling the police because it smelled like a dead body in an apartment. Noise is out of control. Thugs roam the complex at night. Loud rap music can be heard late at night, and early in the morning, booming from car steroes. Teenage punks and hoards of Mexican men hang out and drink in the parking lot. The interior of the apartment is laid out completely wrong. The kithens and bathrooms are so small you cannot move around comfortably. We were shown an apartment with all normal appliances, but when we got ours and moved in we had a motel fridge and stove (smaller than normal). The mainatenance is horrible. It takes several calls to get something fixed and they will argue with you that you are wrong and they are right- even when it is still broken. The one time they actually fixed something the men tracked mud all throughout our apartment and did not even leave a note that they were there. The staff is unbeleivable. We were forced to pay an "extra" deposit because we had not had our jobs for very long. We had a visitor who brought a dog for 2 days and apparently were seen by the management and we had an eviction notice on our door the following Monday morning. A letter from our attorney quickly squashed that eviction. We have had notices on our door for a dish towel being on our patio. The secretary lives in the complex and her and her husband watch everybody. We had notices on our door about everything we do. I moved some more clothes from my storage unit into the aprtment one Saturday and we were served with a notice that said the new tenant must sign a lease agreeement. Funny they seem to see what could bring them some income, but they do not see the -------- living 20 to an apartment or the blatant drug trafficking and extreme noise levels. If you are hardworking, have a full time job and they know it- then they will try and get money for whatever they can. Children run rampant and ride their bicycles all throughout the drive-ways and WILL one day be run over. The office does not adhere to their posted hours of operation, and do not open the laundry rooms when they are supposed to. I actually saw a little black girl peeing into one of the washers by the pool one evening. Fighting is common among the teenagers here. One night I looked out my bedroom window and there were 3 Mexican guys who ripped their shirts off and commenced to beating up a little punk from the neighborhood. <br>I have to say that this apartment has exposed me to the lower rung of society and I cannot wait to get out and never look back. We HATED it here. <br>
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Georgetown Park Apartments

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