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Clairborne Apartments

2355 North Highway 360

Grand Prairie, TX 75050



Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
I'm going on my third year at The Clairborne, and I truly love it here thanks to the wonderful office staff and maintenance crew! The apartments are a little older, but still in great condition. I mention this because noise can be a bit of a problem (mind you, my downstairs neighbors aren't the most courtesy of folks, and blast their bass and music like they're the only people in the building *rude*) BUT the courtesy officer is fantastic and responds to any calls as soon as possible. Had to call him twice due to these lively and inconsiderate folks downstairs, and he was there within 30-45 minutes and handled the situation-I've talked with him personally, and he's so friendly and helpful. He even said he'd bring my complaint up with the office since it was a repeat call. The grounds are very well kept! The landscaping always looks great, and there's so many beautiful trees around the complex. There's several locations with lots of grassy areas for dogs along with poo pick-up stations (for the -------s that don't pick up after their dogs, our maintence/landscaping crew does a great job keeping the grounds picked up after you-the main. crew could not be more appreciated); unfortunately, no closed in area, however there is one across the street that can be accessed and is quite nice. The office staff-Colette and Mary have been INCREDIBLE! I don't have any complaints, seriously... these gals are fantastic. They're so friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, and always make an effort to chat and see how things are with myself and the apartment. They're great about keeping communication open amongst residents between monthly calendars, what's going on around the complex, when staff must come by for seasonal checks or work orders, packages in the office, phone calls to follow up on work orders, and notices at our door about any changes or events that have been an issue on the complex. I get that complexes are required to notice residents of some of these things, but this is the first complex that follows this through with fidelity. If there's a problem, done, you let them know and they've got it fixed in a reasonable amount of time. That being said, any work order I've ever had to put in (even for a kitchen lightbulb change) has been fulfilled within 1-2 days. Wow! I've never lived anywhere that has been that quick to get things fixed, and to do a decent job without destroying or dirtying my apartment. Thank you! Parking can be difficult at night, usually weekends when everyone is home, but there's generally plenty of free uncovered parking. Guests are supposed to park in the front, but there's usually enough room for them to enter and park within the gated grounds...which can lead to issues for residents to find parking. There's covered and garage parking available for purchase. This place is by the airport, so if planes bother you, this whole area is not for you. I don't mind it, you get used to it. By the highway also, which can be both good and bad. A few places to eat and gas stations located around. I usually feel pretty safe on the grounds, as they're gated and well lit. The surrounding area isn't terrible. I've really enjoyed, and hopefully will continue to enjoy, living here. As long as the staff keeps up their level of awesomeness, I'll be a happy camper. They're truly a huge part of why I continue to live here. I've had, and my boyfriend is currently having, terrible experiences with office staff that promise to have things done left and right, but fail to do so, and care so little about customer service. Glad to say I've had a positive experience.
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Clairborne Apartments

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