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captivatingmercy02 • Resident 2016 - 2017 Not Recommended
Reviewed 08/13/2017
***DO NOT MOVE HERE*** Just in case you get illegally towed here is the number of where you should get your car: The place is called farmers towing, however, they used to be called Black Bull Towing. They changed their name on google so that their terrible review do not show up. Here is the address: 5401 Wilbarger St, Fort Worth, TX 76119. This information is not listed anywhere on the Riverhill Apartments Website. The longer your car stays there the more they charge. To get your car out it is $298.00. It is a racket to make money. Because of this, I have been taking video clips and pictures every time I park my car, because I am so paranoid that it will be towed again. That is no way to live for the amount of money I pay in rent. I also ensure that people who visit me take pictures of their cars in the visitor parking spot so that their car will not be towed. Yes, it is that serious. First, I would like to be fair in my review, because anyone reading this should understand that where I am coming from. When I first moved into the Riverhill Apartments in 2016, it was wonderful place to live. It was really quiet and I enjoyed the fact that I lived in a clean, well preserved community. However, after the management changed things began going a bit down hill. First, there were instances where they lost people packages. Then, you began smelling weed outside. I even received an email from management regarding the issue. The Riverhill Luxury Apartments went from being luxurious and comfortable to being a nightmare. I have lived here for more than a year and the change has been pretty clear. People started leaving the trash at all times of day, and the valet trash has not been picking it up even though we pay for this service. I have provided evidence below of multiple days where neighbors left their trash out, their dog kennels, and everything else imaginable. You can imagine the smell that permeates the hallways when people leave their valet trash bins at all times of the day. Also, the floors are dripping with stains from the trash which they never sweep or power wash. With the previous management, they used to ensure that people did not leave their trash out and hallways were swept and clean. Parking: This has been a huge issue. They towed my car with proper documentation, and placed it in a storage facility. The reasoning listed was that it was parked in resident parking. When I went to get the vehicle I had to pay $298.00 to get it out. The towing company they used did not provide proper documentation regarding the tow. If you decide to move here, and they tow your car you will have to go to fort worth to go and pick it up. Mind you it is not an office, it is a storage facility. Pictures are provided below. It is a scary place near stop 6. When you arrive, you will not be able to see anyone, but you will do the transaction through a box. Also, if you ask for proper documentation regarding the reasons for the tow they will not have it. You will have to chase down the actual company and you will be rerouted to many numbers and you will have no choice but to give up. Internet: The internet is always going out. You can't choose another provider. You have to use MDU network, but it is horrible. Maintenance: When you put in a request it will take over a month for them to get to you. I put a request regarding a door and till this day they still haven't fixed it.
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Riverhill Apartments Manager08/25/2017

Thank you for taking time to post a review. Unfortunately, it is very rare that you find a community with ample amount of parking spaces, or even spaces to match the number of units in a community. With that, we make every effort to inform our residents, in writing, upon move-in that visitor parking is limited and that there is a strict towing policy in place. In addition, signage regarding our towing is located in front of each entrance. Also, anytime that you feel that you are towed in error, please contact the office immediately, as we receive photos prior to every tow to ensure we keep the tow company honest. If you currently have any other concerns, I invite you to stop in. I'm happy to see if we can get a resolve for you. Again, thank you for your feedback and your residency. Sheree Campbell Business Manager

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