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Sugar Creek Apartments



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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/20/2007
REPORT_DAT<br> DAY<br> LOCATION<br> OFFENSE_DA<br> FM_TIME<br> TO_TIME<br> CATEGORY<br> <br>9/3/2006<br> Sunday<br> 977 LAZYBROOK LN #2148<br> 9/3/2006<br> 0039<br> 0039<br> ASSAULT VIOLENCE<br> <br>9/5/2006<br> Tuesday<br> 2385 SWEETWATER DR #220<br> 9/4/2006<br> 2200<br> 2200<br> ASSAULT VIOLENCE<br> <br>10/10/2006<br> Tuesday<br> 950 DUNCAN PERRY RD<br> 10/10/2006<br> 0300<br> 0418<br> ASSAULT VIOLENCE<br> <br>11/30/2006<br> Thursday<br> 930 DUNCAN PERRY RD #2011<br> 11/30/2006<br> 0216<br> 0216<br> ASSAULT VIOLENCE<br> <br>12/6/2006<br> Wednesday<br> 2360 SUGAR CREEK DR #334<br> 12/6/2006<br> 1921<br> 1921<br> ASSAULT VIOLENCE<br> <br>1/31/2007<br> Wednesday<br> 977 LAZYBROOK LN #1144<br> 1/31/2007<br> 2057<br> 2248<br> ASSAULT VIOLENCE<br> <br>2/4/2007<br> Sunday<br> 2385 SWEETWATER DR #322<br> 2/4/2007<br> 2226<br> 2226<br> ASSAULT VIOLENCE<br> <br>10/2/2006<br> Monday<br> 930 DUNCAN PERRY RD #1015<br> 10/1/2006<br> 2300<br> 0730<br> BMV<br> <br>10/15/2006<br> Sunday<br> 958 DUNCAN PERRY RD #1024<br> 10/14/2006<br> 1700<br> 1700<br> BMV<br> <br>12/11/2006<br> Monday<br> 910 DUNCAN PERRY<br> 12/10/2006<br> 1600<br> 0900<br> BMV<br> <br>12/12/2006<br> Tuesday<br> 970 DUNCAN PERRY RD #1031<br> 12/12/2006<br> 1200<br> 1200<br> BMV<br> <br>2/13/2007<br> Tuesday<br> 960 LAZYBROOK LN #2129<br> 2/13/2007<br> 0030<br> 1330<br> BMV<br> <br>10/27/2006<br> Friday<br> 2360 SUGAR CREEK DR #331<br> 10/27/2006<br> 0245<br> 0245<br> BURGLARY<br> <br>12/28/2006<br> Thursday<br> 950 DUNCAN PERRY RD<br> 12/28/2006<br> 1500<br> 1515<br> BURGLARY<br> <br>1/13/2007<br> Saturday<br> 910 DUNCAN PERRY RD #2001<br> 1/12/2007<br> 0500<br> 0001<br> BURGLARY<br> <br>2/2/2007<br> Friday<br> 950 DUNCAN PERRY RD<br> 2/2/2007<br> 1911<br> 1918<br> FIRE<br> <br>9/27/2006<br> Wednesday<br> 945 LAZYBROOK LN #2113<br> 9/27/2006<br> 2028<br> 2028<br> SEXUAL RELATED OFFEN<br> <br>11/18/2006<br> Saturday<br> 1075 DUNCAN PERRY RD #101<br> 11/18/2006<br> 1315<br> 1315<br> THEFT<br> <br>11/21/2006<br> Tuesday<br> 972 LAZYBROOK LN #2138<br> 11/20/2006<br> 1700<br> 0530<br> THEFT<br> <br>2/7/2007<br> Wednesday<br> 2360 SUGAR CREEK DR #334<br> 2/7/2007<br> 1629<br> 1629<br> THEFT<br> <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> <br><br>Reports from 09/01/2006 to 02/20/2007<br>
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Sugar Creek Apartments

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