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jdgreene • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/27/2005
I moved here on the recomendation from someone (not only on Windridge as a complex, but also on Lincoln PC as a good management company) in early '05 without the foresight to check the crime statistics or the problems residents have faced with management, etc. Turns out it was a big mistake. The apartments seem decent from the outside, but lets get down to it. Erin was more than helpful in getting my name on the lease all while rushing me to sign without reading when I had to make several corrections that were changed from the original lease. However the rest of the office staff as well as Erin would like nothing mor than to pack the complex. There is little if no parking in some area's of the complex and nothing is availible as far as covered parking. The pool is closed every monday of every week for some type of cleaning, but I have yet to see anyone out cleaning it even on my days off. Maintenance staff is good and very prompt when they are reachable at the service number, but not after 6pm because Windridge's 24 hour service is a really bad joke. Gates are broken on a regular basis and I have seen the gate run into by vehicles purposely several time to effectively break it. Not to mention the crime in the area. So far since I've been there(6 months) there has been a home invasion, Several cars in the area have been vandalized including my own, Security(if you can call them that) are more interested in whether you have your parking sticker, pool pass, and licence than whether someone has had their apartment broken into and this is the general idea from the residents that I have spoken to. The apartment down the hall and across the way from myself in building 12 was broken into and the office manager stated that it was the responsibility of the tenet to cover the costs of the door being fixed(when this is covered by their general liability and vandalism umbrella for Lincoln Property) and I haven't seen the tenet since. On top of this I have to be worried about whether or not the management has come in or out of my apartment. I leave the inside doors in my apartment closed and have come home to find them open and one or more lights on that I had left off. I have had nothing but trouble in getting a hold of the office staff or getting them to do anything. There are several vehicles in the lot that very clearly do not have parking stickers and are in violation of more than one criminal offense such as expired registration, license plates, inspection, or are parked in multiple spaces and the management is and has been unwilling to do anything about it for the last 4 months. I will be moving when my lease is up and I urge anyone coming here to do your research. Contact me at my email address if you want any more information aside from what is being posted. I think Lincoln PC has let their name slip from what I saw in the past with this complex and with their other properties. <br><br>J. Greene
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