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Vine on North Park

601 N Park Boulevard

Grapevine, TX 76051



Resident · 2010 - 2011
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I believe this apartment complex has potential but has a lot drawbacks to overcome. 1) Management- The management at this complex is a complete joke. When we moved in there was no credit/criminal background check done on me. Also, they did not ask to see my paystubs to make sure I made three times the rents. These are the basic requirements that any apartment does before admitting a new tennant in. The fact that the Oaks did not perform these required tasks shows that anybody could move into this place. This was the first "red flag" that I should have noticed right away. I was going to renew my lease for another six months just because I am starting a new job and did not want to deal with the hassles of moving as well. However, one of the front office ladies (I belive her name is Carol) kept on changing her mind on how much she was going to increase the rent. At first it was going to up by $80, then I said no I am going to find something else in my price range. She then said she would just increase it by $30. So I said okay and Carol indicated she would send the paperwork over to my door. Well after a week went by and I got no paperwork I went to the front office and again was given a new price increase. This time I was going to pay a extra $56. I indicated I would only pay up to a $30 increase on my rent. Carol said okay and indicated again she would get me the paperwork by the weekend. That never happened and so the following Monday I had enough of going back and forth with such flaky shady people that I just decided not to renew my lease for good. Common sense would tell you that if you want to keep your clients you don't tell them one thing and the next week later tell them something totally different. Also, following through on your commitments is an important factor when running an apartment complex. 2) ------ Neighbors - Since no credit, criminal, or income checks were done this allowed for any type of person to move in. Some of my neighbors looked like they came from the "other side of the tracks" if you know what I mean. I would often here noise late at night with people arguing and fighting outside. Also, the people across from us are two college kids. How they could afford to pay $900 a month for a two bedroom apartment is a mystery to me. I know I could not afford to pay that type of rent when I was in school. They must get by on college loans or on mommmy and daddy's money. Anyway they also contribute to the noise level as we had to complain about them opening and closing doors at all hours of the night. It seemed like they had a frat party every weekend. *On a side note we do have some other neighbors that are quite and look more mature. I wanted to recognize that we did have at least two good neighbors during our stay here. 3. Sanitary Conditions - When I first moved in this place had a huge issue with trash. I would often see dirty diapers, clothes, and other nasty trash just throw right next to the dumpster. Not only were some of the tennants just plain lazy when it came to just throwing everything away in the dumpster, but I also would see trash bags sitting in front of apartment doors for days even weeks at a time. Sorry there is not trash valet pick up here. To top it off we discovered a nasty odor coming from one side of our apartment. I called the front office several times and they kept all on telling me it was just the heater. Okay I know the smell was not coming from our heater. So after the third call we finally got maintenance to come out. They immediately identified the problem. IT WAS A DEAD RAT ABOVE THE CEILING IN ONE OF THE BATHROOMS. Obviously a bad omen for anybody living in this apartment. My wife and I did not know the Grapevine area that well when we moved up here. Unfortunately we were also in a rush to getting an apartment and just pick the one we thought looked best. We are both now wiser and will take our time when looking for our next apartment. We are both so glad to be moving at the end of June. Aside fromt the traffice mess on Hwy 114, the Grapevine area is very nice. However, I found that this part of the DFW area is more suited for people who can afford a good home to live in. The few apartments that are in this area are either overly priced or just plain garbage slums. My advice to anybody who is just starting out in their careers and needs to rent for a year or two to find more suitable and affordable renting in the larger cities of Arlington, Irving or even Fort Worth. Grapevine is more suited for those who are already established in their careers and can afford a nice expensive home to live in. In closing, I would definitely not recommend the Oaks at Park Blvd to anybody. This place needs some major changes to occur before it can become a reputable apartment complex. If you absolutely need to rent an apartment in Grapevine try looking further north towards the mall. There are some apartments that are more expensive but have better ratings than this one.
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Vine on North Park

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