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Wildwood Creek Apartments



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
I am going to keep to the facts, because if your reading this review you're looking for the facts on the apartment. I have five valid facts here. All of these happened in three months. 1. When we moved in, we had no appliances in our unit for five days. That includes dishwasher, fridge, stove, lights AND kitchen sink that I couldn't use. 2. The person before us smoked IN the apartment, as confirmed by the apartment manager AND the multiple maintenance men. The place made all of our own personal belongings smell like smoke even after they made replacements. We had to use an ozone machine for four days using our own electricity, therefore having a higher bill. 3. There was a leak in our bedroom which we woke up to a soaked carpet and dresser. We we're told the contractor was coming out the next week. The next storm we had 35 days later, we woke up to a leaking ceiling again and a soaked carpet and dresser, again. Once the maintenance guy came on Saturday, the day the second leak was occurring he pulled back the carpet that was never actually stapled back and you can see the mold. See pictures attached. I am not spending the money to pay for a mold test to confirm this, however I think we all know what mold looks like in 2015. 4. BUGS. See attached for proof. These are just the different species, we have seen multiple of different kind. Probably 20 total in 3 months. If you have any standards of living-such as not having a cricket and other insect on your COUNTERTOP where you prepare your meals, then you may want to look elsewhere. Pest control came out twice and I sprayed with two store bought sprays and nothing seemed to work. 5. Overall quality and maintenance. The way we received our apartment was such awful quality. Rust on the sink that they had to replace, clogged drains, no caulk around windowsills and lots of foundation cracks that maintenance also confirmed. There's painted wood to look like granite in the kitchen and bathroom and the bathroom has old faucets etc. All of these are true facts as you can see from the pictures. I am sure there will be a nice comment underneath here from management explaining how much they care. If you want to spend half of your free time cleaning because you keep finding bugs and making maintenance requests then this is place for you. After three months here we've had enough and are breaking our lease. You've been warned.
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Wildwood Creek Apartments

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