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Bellagio at Beach Street



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
I moved in a little over a month ago and have been nothing but disappointed. The day I came to walk through my apartment there were, paint splatters all over the floor, dead bugs and water (that I was assured was due to them leaving the dppr open when they replaced the floors). The end cabnit side panel facing the door was warped as if there had been a flood 3 feet high, and drawers were not cleaned and had nasty stuff inside all of them as well as behind the microwave. They fixed the paint drops and panel and kind of cleaned the drawers out by move in. However, within a week I noticed not only had they painted over obvious water damage in the bathroom, but my kitchen , utility and entry were seeping water from the foundation. This caused glue to rise from under the floor, that then caused me to become sick from migraines to bronchitis. When I asked that they fix it, the property manager acted as if them replacing my flooring was not their issue and that it was out of courtesy to my "allergies" to the glue that they would redo the floors. I told her the glue used for vinyl flooring was toxic and she told me that I was wrong, so when they came to fix my floors I took a picture of the glue that said it was toxic right on the front of the bucket. I also then had to get a note from my doctor showing my exposure to industrial fumes, never received an apology or any kind of medical or rent reimbursement. I was told that contractors were coming out to raise and fix the foundation around my apartment for a month and I have still yet to see anyone pooring cement or any change to what's around me. I also opened my coat closet one day after the floors were fixed and found the wall warped, green and full of puss. When I told them I felt it was mold the manger called the maintenance man in front of me saying "there is MILDEW in apt ###" she tried to convince me that I didn't need to fill anything out until I forced her to give me a piece of paper and make her sign it. Then she got really nice really fast. When I asked after it was treated if it was mold or mildew I got avoidance saying "they treat it the same." The last time I went the pool it smelled like a lake, with hair, cigarettes and other nasty items floating in it. These apartments only care about taking your money, not about your health or standard of living.
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Bellagio at Beach Street

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