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Bellagio at Beach Street



Resident · 2017
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Office Staff
This place looks good on the outside probably has nice Apartments has garages we went there and looked but we noticed water about 4 inches deep on the only entrance in and out that Bellagio has when we get inquired about if that was just a minor problem that was going to be fixed they've got Shrugged off no answer really we've driven by there several times the last 3-4 weeks and the water is still there I did get to talk to a few residents and they said they have complained but management will do nothing about it so if you have a nice car and you like to keep it clean and mud out of your car because obviously mud does get in that water in other words they waste water and the over water to the point where it creates a pond going in and out my proof would be for you to just drive by it and you will see it in the morning that's when it's especially bad and even on a hot summer day it's still there after about 8 hours
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Bellagio at Beach Street

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