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Desert Sands Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2012
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Office Staff
BAD BAD BAD! If you like roaches, don't worry because you will have millions of them! While I was there a building caught fire because of bad wiring. There is CONSTANT drug use and criminal activity. Not a single week went by without some sort of large police escapade. The laundry center is horrible, with only half of the machines working at any given time. Also, dog poo and garbage, everywhere! Noisy neighbors? Too bad! The stink of illegal substances? Deal with it! Large, aggressive dogs? At least two while I was there. Oh and the stray cats? The way they decided to take care of that was to POISON them and leave their bodies to rot in the summer heat under the bushes by the buildings! Such a wonderful smell that provided. The only good note is if something breaks (which is very often) the maintenance will come and fix it within a couple of days...unless it is your heater during a freak snow storm, then you SOL for at least two weeks. You can get a parking spot usually, but it will likely be far from the (Very few working) lights so that the vandals who live there can more easily steal your radio and anything else in the car. Oh, and you may as well trash you apartment when you move out, because no matter how pristine you keep it, you won't be seeing any money from them ever again!
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Desert Sands Apartments

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