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Desert Sands Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
My boyfriend moved into this hell hole in December, not doing a lot of research. I moved in with him in July. This being the first apartment for the both of us has traumatized us. Our first week and we heard a gun shot. Trying to be optimistic we looked passed it. We are constantly seeing the police in the complex, arresting people. This is not a safe place to live. Especially if you're a girl, stay away. I have had a guy follow me or my car multiple times, even saw him waiting by my car.. Not okay. One day I went to the store to eat something last minute for dinner while my boyfriend stayed at the apartment. As I got out of my car to walk back up, he kept trying to talk to me and walked not even 5 feet away from me. I ran up the stairs yelling for my boyfriend. Of course it's not enough to call the police, but I'm not comfortable. These apartments need to be demolished. The inside is just trash. You can stick your pinky finger where the glass should meet, making it either extremely cold, or hot in the apartment. The "wood" floors are made of rubber and are disgusting. The fridge requires a certain size lightbulb that the complex did not supply. So it took us forever to even have a light in the fridge. The corners of the house constantly get filled with black stuff. Come later I found out that it was cockroach poop. The amount of cockroaches in this apartment is TERRIBLE. Big ones too.. I can't go a single shower without one being in the tub with me, talk about disgusting. I have even found them on top of my bed. Yes, I do pay the small fee each month to have the exterminator come in, but it does nothing. In order for this apartment to get rid of them is to completely tear down the complex. The kitchens have no counter space. And it's hard to find pans small enough to even fit into the oven. This place is an embarrassment. Our neighbors are terrible as well. The ones next door have a baby that just learned how to walk. They don't supervise her, so she'll come banging on our crappy window and door. She even tries to go up and down stairs. She just wanders around. I came home from work one day and she was down by the parking lot with no one in sight. Then our downstairs neighbors caught the wooden boards in front of our front door on fire. Causing a big hole. It's been a month and no one has fixed it yet. Office is never there, and never answers the phone. Yes, it's extremely cheap. BUT you get what you pay for. The "laundry room" doesn't even work. The pool is never swim-able. Due to glass and it being nasty. The "workout room" is way too small to even workout in. The indoor basketball court is always locked. And kids are loud and running around like loonys. They've gone and sat on my brand new car. This area is just trash. I wish I had discovered this amazing site before I moved in here. If I could I would give this place a 0. Please do yourself a favor and stay away.
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Desert Sands Apartments

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