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Desert Sands Apartments



Former Resident · 2018
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Office Staff
I want to start by saying it was great....in the beginning. We were told pest control visits every Tuesday, we have access to washer and dryer units as long as we pay, and all we had to really worry about was electricity and rent. Over the course of just a couple of months, we didn't ONCE see pest control, and there were roaches EVERYWHERE. My godson would come over nearly every day and his car seat was INFESTED with roaches. I had to buy him a new car seat - I felt so embarrassed about it, too! I couldn't even invite people over because of how awful I felt about them - that's how bad it was. Washer and dryer units became unavailable because they were renewing it all, so we didn't once have access to a washer or dryer. They increased our rent every two weeks - I remember specifically writing a check and they didn't till us till nearly two weeks later that it didn't go through and decided to charge us for every single day that they didn't tell us when we were going up there nearly every day to ask and see if everything was good and we were given the thumbs up. Our rent was normally 7 or 800, but it shot to nearly 1300 in just two weeks. To top that off, they would give us a notice saying that we had three days to come up with the money or be evicted from our home. Who has the time to get 1300 in 3 days? Oh, the best part was being given the notice on a Friday when their office was closed on weekends. We even got a notice saying that we owed 69 cents and if we didn't pay it, we would be evicted in three days. We decided to break our lease and they immediately sent it to a collections agency and charged us 2300 for breaking the lease. It effectively dropped our credit score, but you know what? It was better than living in a place I was overall miserable with. The staff was nice in the beginning, but over time two different employees gave me attitude when all I wanted was to pay rent. Probably the worst mistake of my life was signing that lease.
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Desert Sands Apartments

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