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Desert Sands Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2017
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Office Staff
The office manager, Dana, obviously doesn't care about her job or her tenants, as there have been repeated problems with bed bugs, roaches, mold, and shoddy maintanace, and she does nothing. They can't be bothered to send pest control in for the homes of tenants who PAY for pest control every month. And they will lie to your face and accuse YOU of bringing bugs in, when they know they have an infestation. They will deny every one of Google's 37 terrible reviews, and claim "it's one or two angry tenants and we did all we could to help them and they blew us up", but that couldn't be less true The utilities on the property are non existent. There is a pool, but the water is over chlorinated and constantly has ---- in it. The laundry room, has washers that stay broken and filled with mildew and stagnant standing water for weeks, and half the time break halfway through your load so you have to wring your clothes out by hand. The women in the office are so unprofessional that one day they were 40 mins late comin back from lunch, leaving me waitin the whole time just wantin to pay my rent, along with like 6 other people. So have fun there, and oh don't forget, if you want to use a card to pay your rent, they're going to charge you a $14.95 "processing fee". When my boyfriend and I moved in here, the one question we asked was about the reviews about roaches, and the woman who still works there to this day, Casey, swore that there were no problems at all I also had mildew and water damage over my shower that took them a month to even come look at, and once they came they left a huge hole in my ceiling for 3 weeks that was only fixed once I threatened to withhold rent due to unfit living conditions. The only way to get anything out of these people in the office is to threaten them by withholding rent or a civil suit Now that I am moving, they have made it impossible. They refuse to tell you how much you owe until the same day it is due, so good luck budgeting I saw a mans car get lit on fire in the lot a while ago; had a friend get held up at gun point for his wallet. This area is infested by gangs, and this has been by FAR the worst place I have ever lived It would be better to sleep on a park bench, both safer and cleaner. Please, please do not allow these women to lie and deny the truth that the complex is a disaster, cause they will say ANYTHING to trap you in a lease. No one deserves to be sick due to poor maintenance and disgusting, disease carrying roaches
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Desert Sands Apartments

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