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Desert Sands Apartments



Former Resident · 2015 - 2020
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Office Staff
The property has a bedbug problem. I had lots of trouble with maintenance..They would go into ur property without authorization. They would borrow DVD n get your Wi-Fi password n use it in the maintenance room. These people thought I didn't know my movies were missing. There was drug dealers in my section that I feared for my life n others tenants were scared also. The police was called out over and over n they still let those people stay in another section of the complex...We were targetted n noone would help the tenants. Those drug dealers would come back and threaten folks there. It was so scary some of us wouldn't like walking out of our apartment because the drug dealers were running around the complex We would call the police constantly n still the druggies were back after the police would leave. It was bad..The druggies would knock on our door n harrassed us. It was quite sad site to live in. Management would sleep well because they slept off the property we couldn't because the druggies would drive up n spin off the wheels n brake fast while they were speeding. It was comfortable at all
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Desert Sands Apartments

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