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Fossil Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
esellers • Resident 2014 - 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2016
LOUDEST APARTMENT COMPLEX EVER. This apartment complex is surrounded on all sides by noisy roads which are busy 24/7 and under constant construction. The office staff is possibly the worst I've ever dealt with, they don't seem to care about their tenants at all. If you move here your rent will raise every year it doesn't matter how long of a lease you sign and there will be no improvements done to your apt. We pay anywhere from $150-$200 in electric bill (for a 1 bedroom 650 sq/ft apt) bc the insulation is such crap. Also it will take you getting upset to get stuff done bc asking nicely for months gets you no where. There's a mandatory trash service you have to pay for $31/mo BUT they won't pick up a bag with anything glass in it, they won't pick it up if it's over $25 lbs (how they magically know how much it weighs is beyond me), the trash can has to be placed RIGHT OUTSIDE YOUR FRONT DOOR (disgusting!!), and to top it off they come noisily banging trash cans around anywhere around the glorious hours of 11pm- 12am. Bc who doesn't love strangers outside their front doors at midnight?! I am currently listening to gardeners yelling at each other (which is a common thing all year round) right outside my windows and this is now the second day of them using an air compressor right out front of my apartment that sounds like a jackhammer - hope you don't have kids or ears for that matter, if you want to live here. Day off ruined, as is per usual living here. But I will say the thing I hate the worst is how inconvenienced the staff acts when you ask them to do anything. They rarely answer phones, it's hard to catch them in the office after work (5pm-6pm) - you'd think they'd be there in that last hour considering that's the only time most people have through the week to deal with them. If you have mail delivered to the office GOOD LUCK WITH THEM ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR IT. I literally had to re-order a present for my mom bc the office staff said it wasn't in there. I asked multiple times bc my ups delivery said it was delivered. After a month I get a voicemail from them sounding all annoyed saying I have had a package in the office for weeks and need to come and get it. ARE YOU FREAKING SERIOUS?!!! And this happens all the time. I now send my husband to ask about packages bc I can no longer handle their rude behavior. It took almost 2 years to get our dishwasher fixed and that was something we asked upon move in. Oh and let's talk about how many times on my day off a maintenance man has walked IN MY BEDROOM while I was asleep bc he knocked and I didn't answer. I mean why call any of the numbers they have on file ahead of time, barging in on tenants sounds better. Bc why not? You have a key after all. Keep in mind, these are NOT instances where we have called and were expecting them. These are multiple instances where we had no idea they were coming or scheduled to. They have no care for people's privacy here. I work 12 HR shifts and sometimes I am sleeping. If I didn't open the freaking door it was for a good reason!!! But they will never call or schedule or notify you when something needs to be done. The only ONE time of a year we are notified is when the annual safety and fire inspection is done. That's it! The rest of the time they barge on in after knocking twice and then immediately opening the door. It wouldn't be hard to call you know. Or put a freaking flier on our door, but I guess laziness is easier. If it wasn't for the fact that we were so busy and didn't have time to move, we would have been gone after the first lease was up. We are looking for a house now. TERRIBLE APARTMENTS. Don't recommend. And for the record, my husband and I both work, we have never been late for rent, or had any complaints about us since we've lived here, and they still treat us like we're unwanted and an inconvenience. I just don't get it.
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Fossil Hill Apartments

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