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Fossil Hill Apartments



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Office Staff
Kvorabout • Resident 2016 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/11/2016
I recently experienced a billing issue to where they said they electronically tried taking from my check. My electronic check got reversed and I got hit up with late fees and a returned check fee. I talked to my bank and they showed NO transaction to where the apartments even attempt to get my rent. Being that it was a mistake on the apartments end, they won't even try understanding what's going on. Manager said theres nothing they can do about it on their end when we all know, if they wanted to be helpful and tried to understand they could make something happen. I could understand if it was a mistake on my end but that wasn't the case. Horrible customer service. Maintenance man is normally on top of things but I've put in a request for the balcony to be washed out from a big stain that was there before I moved in and nothing has yet been done. Rent price isn't bad for a 3 bedroom but it's ridiculous how a 3 bedroom can only have ONE assigned parking. Noisy apartment and I don't mean the construction that's going on..it's everything inside the apartments complex. It's mandatory to have valet trash which is pointless if u stay right next to the dumpster. In my opinion, it should be optonally bUT of course, it's just another way to make them money. There's been nights when my trash isn't even picked up and it's within the guidelines. Just like most apartments, the office staff is your friend to only get u to sign a lease but once you're in, they aren't the best of help.
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Fossil Hill Apartments

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