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Office Staff
Resident 2013 - 2016 Recommended
Reviewed 12/19/2016
Decent place to live. Neighborhood is good, no bad incidents or crimes to report. A balanced, mixed demographic of people residing here. Pets are allowed but a lot of the pet owners do not care about the appearance of the residence. They leave dog poop everywhere! It's required for them to dispose of it. The property even provides doggy bags & trash cans throughout the residence for them but they're still to lazy or disgusting to clean up after their pets. I wish the complex would charge higher fees for pet owners so they could pay someone to come out weekly & pick up the dog feces. They gym is pretty pathetic, not a lot of equipment & it's outdated. Not enough communication or organization within the office when it comes to work orders. I've had several occasions where I've called to request maintience & a few days later still no one shows. When I get someone new on the phone they don't have my request. I've found that going down to the office in person gets you better results. When ever maintience does come they fix what I need & rarely have to call back for that same issue so that's a plus. It's starting to get over populated. I can barely find close parking spots any more. They used to be in abundance when I moved here 3 years ago. The office often host residence appreciation party's with food, drink & prizes so that's nice. The office staff are really friendly & have remained the duration of my time living here so I'm also very pleased with that as well. I don't think there is good insulation throughout the apartments. I can hear every foot step of the person above me & when their dog is running around. I can even hear the baby crying next door and my neighbors iPhone alarm going off every morning so it's pretty annoying. The apartments has a modern look. Fairly new appliances & microwave included. If you live on the 1st floor you can have hardwood floors. I have plush carpet. It's better than most apartments complexes that have carpet. I live by the pool which offers a pretty view. However in the summer time people come to the pool after hours & I wouldn't mind if they weren't so obnoxiously loud. You would think if you're at a pool at midnight you could have a little courtesy for people sleeping. They are literally screaming & laughing at the top of their lungs.
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Ranch at Fossil Creek

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