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2400 Mc Cue



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/15/2005
I'm here as a corporate tenant and I don't think my company is getting its money's worth.<br><br>Doors that won't latch, door knobs that come off in your hands, noisy AC, crumbling tile and grout work, inept repairs to caulking, trash chute that hasn't worked for 2 months, funny smell in the hallway, AC that needs frequent recharging and repair, are just a few of the problems I've encountered in four months. At least the AC is noisy enough to drown out the neighbors TV, crying kids and domestic spats.<br><br>Noise echos around the courtyard, and it seems like everyone talking on their balcony or splashing in the pool must be on your balcony.<br><br>Forget about asking for repairs, I've made 3 requests over four months for something that should take 10 minutes to fix. Who ever those folks are and what ever their purpose in hanging around that office is, its lost on me. <br><br>Don't count on courier deliveries being made to your suite either. I've had two "intercepted" by office staff, was never notified tehy were here, and didn't figure it out until I complained to the senders. <br><br>Pool is small, but is cleaned regularily, I'm sure this is to benefit condo sales and renting out the empty suites. Suites are ordinary inside.<br><br>There are plenty of parking spaces, and a security guard is present in the mail room from 6 pm to whenever (if he isn't playing billiards), and I haven't seen any evidence of previous commenters garage security problems, or crack heads roaming the corridors but if I was a thief or a crackhead determined to get in I don't think it would be difficult.<br><br>When we moved in the property manager assured us there were no reserved parking spaces, but now I see three near the elevator are marked as reserved, and the managers are posting notices (in crayon) that these parking spaces are to be left available for their owners. <br><br>Management comments (in that positive posting) about adding a billiard table and big screen TV in teh lobby are are silly. Those features aren't in my suite, and I dout I'd be allowed to sit in the lobby late at night in my jammies watching the big screen TV, eating Doritos and drinking beer. <br><br>The alleged business center is just away to fill up space they otherwise can't sell or rent.<br><br>Is this a condo or a hotel? Must be a hotel because no one seems to stay very long.<br><br>The building looks nice on the outside.<br><br>If it wasn't for the hassle of moving, I'd tell my company to find me a suite in a different building when the current lease expires. For the amount this place costs, I have higher expectations of quality and service than the management here is capable of providing.<br><br><br><br><br>
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2400 Mc Cue

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