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3000 Sage

3000 Sage

Houston, TX 77056



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 10/03/2005
I've been a resident in a 4th floor upgraded apartment at 3000 Sage since the summer of 2004. I like it, so I decided to renew my lease. Here are my thoughts:<br><br>NOISE:<br>I have never heard my neighbors at all, and I'm a homebody. Either my neighbors are super quiet, or the "neighbor noise" posts here are unfounded. I don't hear other people's plumbing or anything of the sort. Again, I'm on the top floor, so maybe that makes a difference.<br><br>Outside vehicle noise can be heard, but only by the most atypical vehicles: emergency vehicles, motorcycles (lots of these in the Richmond/Galleria areas), and the ------ and their bass going to the Roxy. <br><br>Remember, 3000 Sage is in the GALLERIA area...the Galleria is not a nice, quiet old folks place. It's a noisy, high energy, close-to-everything area. If you expect total silence, go to The Woodlands.<br><br>SERVICE:<br>My A/C went out and they had folks there that very day to repair it. I got a nice letter saying exactly what they did and the service person was courteous and nice. I've never had anything else go wrong...but this one maintenance request was handled in an A manner.<br><br>PARKING:<br>There are plenty of parking spaces, which is nice; however, making turns in the garage is tight and there ARE too many posts. You have to stop your car to let someone turn the corner. <br><br>AMENITIES:<br>Always clean and presentable. There are always refreshments in the lounge area. Just very nice. I don't have anything to complain about on this one.<br><br>STAFF:<br>They are all very nice and helpful, despite being busy. I've never had any problems with them. Sometimes though, they are not in the office and you have to wait a bit, but I can deal with that. The women are hot too, but that's a moot point.<br><br>CLEANLINESS:<br>The place is always clean. Trash in the trash chutes is sometimes an issue on the weekends, but the maintenance crew makes quick work on that. <br><br>SAFETY:<br>There WERE some safety issues in 3000 Sage's early days that really discouraged me; but they made a lot of improvements and I haven't seen any incidents since.<br><br>PIMPS/PROSTITUTES:<br>I haven't seen any, but am not going to claim there are none since we live near The Gables and The Men's Club. But if any of you know a hottie prostitute that lives in 3000 Sage reply to this note. I think that's a plus. <br><br><br><br>
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3000 Sage

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