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9900 Memorial Apartments



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CAREBEAR11 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/14/2007
We are now in the third (3), yes third month of a crappy paint job that was supposed to take 1 week according to a letter we got about it in December. <br><br>And it's not like they are doing a good job at painting. They are not using professionals and the crews are different every week. The paint is hardly noticable, except for the streaking and abount of time the project is taking. I am sick of having my patios overturned for coat after useless coat from a new crew that is unaware on what has been completed. <br><br>Other reviews have captured the myriad problems that the current management regime have allowed to fester....parking, security, crappy upkeep, ---- pet enforcement followed by no pet enforcement etc. <br><br>Security is now a problem. We are on the third new security company in about as many months. We had off duty HPD for a while and they were harassing long lasting residents. We complained and there is a new company doing security...so mabye they listened for once. We usually call Fingers HQ if there is a problem because the leasing office is utterly unresponsive. They care only for their reputation, or lack thereof. Their reviews are shameless attempts to label the majority of their tenents and reviewers on this valuable site as liars. The prrof is in the pudding. These reviews don't lie, unless they were written by the leasing office. Almost 100 reviews can't be that wrong.
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9900 Memorial Apartments

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