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Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/07/2007
This is quite possibly the worst living arrangment I have ever had to suffer through. The noise, the management, the poor quality of the materials used, the parking...basically everything about the place screams terrible.<br><br>Our downstairs neighbors are unbelievably obnoxious and feel it is necessary to blare their music, to where it actually vibrates the floors, at 3am on any given week night. Even though we have complained about them MULTIPLE times, the management has yet do anything about the problem.<br><br>The handles on the doors in the stairwells are broken off 80% of the time which is an incredibly dangerous fire hazard/safety issue because there is no way to actually exit the building in case of an emergency. It also takes approximately two days for the maintenance people to re-apply the handles (generally after bringing it to the management's attention no less than two times).<br><br>The power gets "mysteriously" switched over to a different provider without your consent and subsequently causes you to be without power for FIVE DAYS. Don't worry, the Bel-Air had "NOTHING" to do with it even though they send out notices warning you that this might happen. And even if you do exactly what they tell you to do in terms of confirming you provider services, you will still come home to a pitch black, humid apartment that reeks of spoiled food.<br><br>The upper management is very unhelpful. Most of the leasing agents are to an extent helpful, but they seem to have rather little information when it comes to answering questions tenants have. It also literally took four months and seven requests before they were able to program our apartment number to the call box.<br><br>And to top it off, they compensate apartment locators like $2000 for referring someone to live at this terrible place. How much do they compensate people who actual live there and make a referral? FIFTY DOLLARS. That is laughable and insulting. The only way they have any hope of filling up the complex is through referral business and if they think they are going to get tenants to refer someone for $50, they are actually as delusional as I thought.<br><br>I cannot wait to move out.
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