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billrenyolds • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/24/2007
My roommate and I were really thrilled when I first discovered the Bel Air but after living here for a few months I find myself very disenchanted on many levels. I think the worst aspect of living here is their policy of allowing pit bulls and other aggressive large dogs to live here. This is not suitable for such animals. My small dogs have almost been attacked several times. The first time was by a large very aggressive black lab mix that strains to get at what ever crosses its path. The woman who owns is is about seventy years of age and can barley control the monster. I live on the second floor and have run into large, black and white pitbull. Every time we cross his path the hair on the back of his neck is all up on end. This is a sign of aggression. The young woman who owns this beast is very cavalier about the dog and I strongly feel that this creature is a ticking time bomb. Besides the pitbulls there are countless other large dogs that are consistently aggressive towards smaller dogs. The postage sized 'pet park' is always muddy and uninviting. This is not a place for people with young children or nice, friendly dogs. Trust me. I was curious about why the management insisted that renters carry one hundred thousand in renters insurance...now I know why!<br><br>Regarding the grounds....when I took the initial tour, I imagined myself strolling the courtyards and pool area in the evening..well almost every area is inaccessible with yellow construction tape because they are doing something..although it is almost always the same small projects that just never get done and the yellow tape barrier is always in place. Also the garbage receptacles in these areas are always overflowing and never get emptied. Ever!<br><br>At any given moment half of the side doors going into the building are left unlocked so that any vagrant or other neer-do-well can just come on in..real safe..yea right!<br><br><br>One of my pet peeves is the free Starbucks coffee maker near the mail. I leave for work at around 8 in the am and was hoping to grab a cup on my way to work..well forget that idea. At that time of the morning it is usually out of everything but decaf and the cups are all gone.<br><br>This place is just really a dog and pony show. Cant Wait to get out of here!
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