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Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/06/2007
This place is so beautiful when you first see it and go through it. The granite countertops and huge kitchen are very nice, although the bedrooms are a little small. The pools are beautiful and have notbeen able to wait for the summer to start.<br>But then, after a few weeks, my mind changed dramatically. When we sent in our work order after move-in, it took them 3-4 days to get up there and fix everything. I mean the door handle came off on the laundry closet! My roommate and I have been there since the beginning of January, and we have not been able to set up our electricity because the complex did not set things up with the city of Houston correctly. We are still on the apartment's power.<br>I immediately noticed that we have the smallest trash shutes I have ever seen, that they trash gets backed up in the rooms because if you cant fit something more than the size of a 13 gallon kitchen trash bag you're screwed. The loud noise complaints that people are filing against eachother are not always due to rowdy residents, but due to poor construction very poorly insulated walls. I can walk through the hallways and hear people watching tv, small children playing and screaming, and radios at normal noise levels. There were also a pile of sunflower seeds in the hallway for like a week straight. I guess they don't clean the property very much either.<br>The maintenance nightmare continued when our air conditioning stopped working about a week and a half ago. It took them at least 2 days to come fix it, and they replaced the filter when I specifically said it was the thermostat that wasnt working. My roommate had to call and ----- them out to make them come back and fix it properly. They didn't fix it unil the next day. So for 3 days, we had to keep our windows open at all times.<br>The garage gates are always broken, and only 1 out of 3 entrance gates will work at a given time. Then, the security system goes in and out and our keyfobs won't work to call the elevators or open the doors to the stairways to get upstairs. We all have to use one freight elevator. Apparently they are "updating the system". How do you update something that is brand new? If it isn't the gates NOT OPENING its that they are NOT CLOSING. Wow I feel so safe. Also, for those of you who live on the demolition side and were told that construction would be haulted for the next 2 years, guess what, there is a good chance you will be hearing beep beep on your Saturday mornings for quite some time. Apparently there are no plans on contruction ending any time soon!<br>This place is pretty, but not worth this sort of hassle. If they can't get anything right now, they are going run all of their residents off. They are starting to run me off and I have had thoughts about breaking my lease!
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