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Arbor Court Apartments



Resident · 2009 - 2010
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Office Staff
I have lived here for almost a year. OMG! could someone come help the People Of Arbor Court. My apt is falling apart, there are a lot of WATER AND MOLD DAMAGE. The owner Should be held accountable for his open disregard for the lives on his PROPERTY. Everyone working in these apartments should be punished for there involvement. The front office is full of unprofessional people. whom do not value there positions. I would recommend some classes to help there entire stuff understand that even sick poor children deserve to live in a clean and safe environment. Due to my health and finances I can not move out. My only help, will most likely come once 2 or more resident DIE form the poor living conditions. THE CITY MOLD DEPT STILL HAS NOT COME OUT, 7 MOS AGO THEY TOLD ME THEY WOULD MAKE SURE THEY FIXED THE MOLD WITH IN 20 DAYS. HUD is also a where of this as while. I HAVE CALLED IN ALL THIS AFTER GOING TO THE HOSPITAL IN THE EMS FROM MY APT DUE TO BREATHING PROBLEMS FROM MOLD. HEY MOST LIKELY THANKS TO THE OWNER,HUD AND THE CITY Of Houston. WHOM ALL KNOW OF THE MOLD OUT BREAK. I WILL MOST LIKELY BE THE FIRST VICTIM OF THE MOLD. DONE CRYING HAD TO SEND MY KIDS AWAY FOR HEALTH REASONS. HOPE THIS LETTER ALONG WITH ALL MY COMPLAINTS TO THE APARTMENTS, HUD AND THE CITY ARE FOUND AND OTHER RESIDENCE come forward once this mold takes me under. IF SOMEONE COULD SEND A SECRET SHOPPER LIKE PROGRAM. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE THERE FINDINGS. All there up stairs apartments are old look as if they have not painted since move in 5 yrs plus. They do not help residence clean rugs ever. And most people do not have all working appliances. (UPSTAIRS) LOL! YEA THE APT ARE DRUG INFESTED, BUT THE FUNNY PART IS HOW THE OFFICE KNOWS. THE WHO, WHATS AND WHERES OF IT. IF AND THAT IS A BIG IF THEY WANTED TO THEY COULD CLEAN UP. BUT THEY WONT! IF ALL THE DRUG DEALERS MOVE OUT. WHO WOULD LIVE HERE???????? REALLY! THEN THEY WOULD HAVE MORE SINGLE HARD WORKING MOTHERS AND THERE CHILDREN HERE AND LIKE ME THEY WILL COMPLAIN. SO THEY RUN THERE OFFICE THE WAY THAT I GUESS FITS THEM RIGHT. GLAD TO WORK AND PAY TAXES SO THE DRUG DEALERS CAN HAVE A HOME MEANWHILE CHILDREN SUFFER FROM ADVERSE AFFECTS OF MOLD AND DIRTY WATER AT LEAST WE KNOW ARE KIDS WILL BE PREPARED FOR 3RD WORLD LIVING CONDITIONS. TO THE USA THANKS FOR FIGHTING FOR MY FREEDOM IN IRAQ. SO ONCE THERE DONE WITH ALL THAT WORK. MAYBE WE WILL HAVE A SAFE PLACE TO CALL HOME. REBUILD ARBOR COURT IN IRAQ PLAN. JUST LIVE THE MOLD HERE. NEED MORE PEOPLE WORKING FOR PEOPLE IN THESE WORLD.
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Arbor Court Apartments

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