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Bayberry Tree Apartments



Resident · 2006
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Office Staff
So where do i begin with this piece of ---- hell hole???When i first moved in they didnt even clean the apartment from the people that lived here before, i actually had to put bombs in the place because of all of the roaches living there-wrote numerous complaints on this issue and was NEVER taken care of! I actually found dirty dishes in the cabinet not to mention the lovely bleach stain that was on my living room-guess they were too cheap to put even some new cheap carpet in! MOLD MOLD MOLD completly covered my washer and dryer that worked when it wanted to. Now the most important part-NO HOT WATER NEVER HOT WATER hell i was lucky if i could get water for the 5 miserable months i was there before i broke my lease!not to mention i have a 4 year old child!!i had complained about this incident on 5 occasions-but some how it just kept getting broken!hmmm mysterious but yet i still have to pay my ------- water bill! I wont leave out how me in leasing agent Jessica almost got into a fist fight! yes a fist fight...I had just gotten out of the hospital after being in there a week with meningitis(wouldnt b surprised if i got it from that hell hole) and all i was to do is take my bandages off and take a nice warm shower but i guess thats too much to ask! i go to the office to once again ----- and complain and jessica actually had the nerve to yell and scream at me on my way out the door (what a ----!)i called their head office and the actual owner had the nerve to tell me that the problems i am having i should expect because it is an olde property and i get what i pay for...that's -------- noone should live in moldy, roach infested trashy dangerous apartments with no water or hot water-yes i actually had boil water just to get ready for work in the morning meaning i missed out on and extra 2 hours of sleep!i hope that place rots in hell and takes the ------ leasing agent jessica with it and the owner for thinking people should live this way, i know they sure as hell dont! they dont do their paper work and thats the only good news i can put here because i broke my lease and its NOT on my credit...oh yeah they dont pay the apartment locators the referal fee like theyre supposed to-RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!
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Bayberry Tree Apartments

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