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Beacon Hill



Resident · 2009 - 2016
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Office Staff
Don't go by website, please visit in person. Website is a facade. Photoshop makes it all look diverse, well maintained and beautiful. It's hood! Apartments are old. Insides are Frankenstein, looks like they keep old parts from repairs in units and try to reuse them to fix other units. Cabinet doors do not match, lot of the wool in kitchen and bathroom is warped. Too many roaches! Pest control is a joke! They charge you for giving you a monthly statement, they charge for pest control, and they charge for trash so you can put your garbage bags in the overflowing dumpsters. Walls are very thin. Sneeze and you might hear a bless you. Your neighbor smokes or burn food and you will smell it. Can even hear TV and music through walls. Most units sound like they have birds coming through chimney. Barking dogs sound like they are in your unit. Lots of dogs. Tenants do not pick up after their dogs and no use telling management, they do not pick up after their own dogs so what they going to do about it?! When it rains walkways turn into wet, mud filled little lakes. Walkway and front door lights go out often because of old wiring. Reserved parking for tenants have to be paid for but are further away from units than the free parking. Staff is very gossipy and messy. They play friendly to get you to talk and then they sip the tea with other tenants. Staff will close office to run errands, pick up from school, etc. and lie and say they were showing someone a unit. Rent always go up every renewal. No dropbox for rent checks. "Shimmering Pool"?, go at night so you can't see what it really looks like. "Soothing Spa"? Bird bath! Iwas told spa part broke years ago and was never fixed/replaced. There is no community high speed internet access. Remote key fob to open gate doors and drive through gate, but gate is always broken so no worries if you do not have the fob. Kids climb over the gate easily. Be careful what you leave on patio. Very easy for someone to stand on top of 1st floor unit patio fence and reach the 2nd floor patios. Lot of crime has occurred notices. Cars are broken into a lot. No cameras. Always broken gates, people that do not have fob just pull open gate and it goes off track, then takes weeks to fix. Laundry room always has some kind of issue. To sum it up, you get what you pay for. So when you see the lower prices compared to some nearby complexes ask yourself why are they lower, read the above and really look at the complex inside not the beautifully designed and photoshopped website.
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Beacon Hill

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