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Beacon Hill



Resident · 2016 - 2019
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
I was a resident at this complex for 3 years when I had to terminate my contract resulting in a broken lease. Listed below are a few of the discrepancies that you will encounter living here. Also, don't bother contacting corporate office because they won't respond to any inquiries. You might want to scream in a tin can for some kind of relief. 1. Flying Roaches and other pest - Even though the exterminator comes and spray one wall you will encounter flying roaches and pest. 2. Perlita, Property Manager of Beacon Hill - Ms. Perlita is the Property Manager of Beacon Hill Apartments. She's also the reason why numerous tenants weren't informed that they are living in an apartment that is filled with mold. Ms. Perlita is aware of this because the City of Houston informed her that she couldn't house tenants in an unsafe environment. Also the city informed her to obtain a permit so that they could inspect the apartments during the renovation. Her solution was to just paint over it and house tenants in the apartment anyways. 3. Perlita's Brother in Law - If you every go to the front office for business, you might notice 2 men stationed there in black from time to time. That's because Ms. Perlita's Brother In Laws are illegally sitting in the office waiting to report stuff back to her. This is how I know about the mold in the apartment and why I had to terminate my contract. They are not employed by Beacon Hill but they enter your apartment and steal items from time to time. Also they intimidate resident's living in the residency. 4. Stolen Items - Just a head's up the Perlita's henchmen steal and damage your belongings. But don't bother calling corporate office because they're out of state. Also, they'll tell you that they're paying for it and don't. Last year around February 2018 everyone home was burglarized and nothing was done about it. 5. Deleted work orders - Currently Beacon Hill has 1 maintenance staff. The other men Perlita's Brother in Laws or work at another site so your work orders will be deleted for no reasons. Also have them show identification prior to entering your apartment. Never let them show you a driver's license and unlawfully enter your residency. This is how they scout your place out. 6. Abandon Apartments - Per Perlita, when residents move out they leave the vacate apartment doors open. This is alarming because several people trespass on a daily basis. 7. Drug Dealers - Yep they live here and don't bother calling the front office because they won't do a thing. 8. Renewing your lease - They pressure you to into renewing your lease and Per Perlita they won't repaint your bath tub until you do. 9. Leasing agreement - Once you renew your lease they will post the paper on your door for the world to see. No envelop or anything. The only good thing that I could say about Beacon Hill, was Nehemiah. She was a God sent and the reason that the building didn't flood. She was also the reason why various staff members had food to eat. Beacon Hill is going to lie and tell you that they help. That is false and isn't worth debating. I was there and Perlita didn't even show up. Nehemiah was pumping water out of the pool and assisting residents. She sacrifice herself and time for all of the residents at Beacon Hill.
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Beacon Hill

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