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Braeswood Plaza Apartments



Resident · 2007
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Office Staff
When I first moved in here I was allured by the $450 move in price, good/quiet location, low crime rate, and, yes, the high rating on THIS site. The first month seemed great. Then I got my electric bill and found out, despite using my a/c only at night and leaving no lights on, I was running $250 a month in electricity due to their old appliances. The proof...when I bought my own fridge and window a/c that next month my bill fell to $30 (no joke, you can consult Green Mountain Energy for records on this property to prove it)...the internal a/c also broke after 1.5 months and, rather than fix it, they blamed me for it. They also blamed me for breaking the fridge by turning it off after I figured out the 20 year old monster was burning up my electricity bill. Then after about 3 months all hell broke loose. Not only did leaks spring in both the window and the roof (the latter of which maintainance refused to fix). My live-in girlfriend was almost mauled by a mad dog owned by someone living on site and, despite several warnings from myself and at least 3 residents I know, the management did nothing about it. Oh, and by the fourth month roaches and flies and ants were all popping up everywhere out of the pipes. Pest control was promised to come once a month, but never arrived and problems have gotten substantially worse since August. To top it off there is a HUGE pothole, not there when I first moved in, in front of the main office that makes parking around it virtually impossible unless the car you own happens to be Big Foot. And, if you want to get internet...good luck...it took me 3 installation techs just to get AT&T to get fiber-optic internet installed and it broke after just two months with the techs confessing "we can't fix it...the wires are too old and badly maintained". The alternative, Comcast, doesn't even have the complex in their database (too tiny to list?) and refuses to install internet there....I've tried both routes and they both failed. I wouldn't be surprised if the recent great rating on October 12th was made by someone hired by the complex to write the review. If you can stand having a "part-time-job" fixing windows/roof leaks, installing window a/c's and refrigerator, defending yourself from being blamed for breaking appliances, and negotiating your innocense concerning electricity bills for the cheap price, go for it, otherwise I'd suggest you leave your efforts toward more fulfilling pursuit. !!!!Also, the price is rising here, I've spotted office flyers saying the minimum price is rising for $450/mo to $500/$499. This place no longer has much economic justification for falling apart like this, yet it is.!!!!! I'm moving out as soon as my lease expires...
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Braeswood Plaza Apartments

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