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Braeswood Plaza Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2007
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I have been living here almost a year, everything was great until a few things really started bothering me. I have no problems with any of the residents except for one whom lives several units away from me. This resident plays music all hours of the day, has broken the kitchen window, does illegal drugs which you can smell a mile away and just is out of hand. Everything in my apartment shakes when they start slamming the front door. They start yelling and fighting in the parking lot all hours of the night. I also hear from several residents that late at night they look around in the car windows..I wonder why? Not to mention, this resident is not even supposed to be living there Not EVEN ON THE LEASE!! The immediate Neighbors (one is moving out) Another already moved. The list goes on for this ONE resident. The problem is; The Management has been noted by several residents and nothing has been done, No action what so ever. (maybe verbal) But the fact is nothing has changed. If it wasn't for this ONE RESIDENT, I would not be "considering" moving when my lease is up. This causes a safety hazard and should not have to be tolerated. I have to say Everyone else in the neighborhood is pleasant. Just has a bad seed, that will drive all the good folks away. Not to mention in all of this I never had a working fridge..
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Braeswood Plaza Apartments

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