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Braeswood Plaza Apartments



Resident · 2006 - 2007
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Office Staff
If you think any of those "great" reviews are true, please actually look at the grounds first: 1) Graffitti all over the electricity boxes and main trash bin 2) Old appliances are dumped everywhere (IE below my old unit, #314), just a sign that most units have such old appliances you can expect $200 monthly energy bills just for running the a/c-heat at nights 3) HUGE holes in the street (like in front of the main office) and high elevation of curbs make parking near impossible without damaging the underside of your car 4) Go at night for a full impression of the neighborhood. During the day it is pleasingly quiet but at night (IE 9:30 or later) neighbors do not control their dogs, who bark like crazy and there are occasional fights in the parking lot. 5) Look for things like stained bath tubs, toilets that don't ever fully flush and instead stay on all night and run your water bill down, disposals that don't work or sound like they are half-broken, leaks in the seals of windows, two-thumb-sized holes in parts of the doors. ---------------------------------------- Personally I have had $200 electricity bills, inability to install internet due to bad wires, have actually caught people smoking pot in the laundry room twice, have had 2 leaks in the roof the management refused to fix, roach and ant problems despite keeping the apartment perfectly clean and using roach traps and RAID. And, you might have guessed, not only did the management not fix these things but several times they tried to blame me for the problem to the point I had to call other companies (IE Green Mountain Energy) to prove it was their fault not mine. Note this is coming from someone who has lived in two apartment complexes before this (Sunforest in David Florida, Meyergrove in Houston) and has had no run-ins with management or late payments IE a strong tenant. It's not me it is them. Feel free to e-mail me, it is against my ethical code not to report a place like this. This place simply does not deserve your respect. The rent may be cheap but $450 $200 in energy charge per month $50 replacing things damaged by water leaks all the time and sleep lost due to neighbors with no respect for each other makes it completely not worth the "savings".
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Braeswood Plaza Apartments

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