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Braeswood Plaza Apartments



Resident · 2008
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Office Staff
This place is the worst place you can ever live in! Erika is a Lousy, lazy manager, she is too busy making out with her boyfriend in the leasing office to worry about ANY of the problems in the complex. THere are rodents, the a/c system and all electrical system is old and dangerous. Just look at it, it's a time bomb! Lately the residents that the "manager" have been putting in are lousy residents. They are loud in the middle of the night. Music full blast, and lots of screaming. THe police has to come out so often to deal with someone at the complex and 9 times out of 10 they will take someone to jail, but it doesn't really help when you have a 20 year old kid as the "manager". Like I said she is NEVER there but when she is, MAYBE just maybe you can catch her available for 2 minutes, if her boyfriend is not there with her. THere are holes all over the pavement, shopping carts everywhere. The man that does the maintance is like 90 years old, and he just hides the problems behind paint and tape. THere are MANY residents who either don't have a stove or refrigetor. When one of the residents moved in here, the a/c unit was not working so "Management" just put in a window unit in her aparments and it sat like that for months. THis place used to be a nice place to live but then Erika just started putting ANYONE in here. When the police came out to take away of the residents, he made a comment. He said..."Does your manager run any background checks, because this person we are taking has a very serious background"...now that is SCARY!!! Cars get broken into, people won't respect your property. This used to be a very family oriented atmosphere, but this "manager" Erika has completely screwed it all up. I mean, who would put a 20 year old as a manager...I guess you get what you pay for! and she was cheap labor. Oh yeah and I almost forgot- don't try to wash your clothes because you can forget about taking a shower with hot water. The laundry room is locked up 99 percent of the time due to the problems.
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Braeswood Plaza Apartments

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