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Braeswood Plaza Apartments



Resident · 2007 - 2008
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Office Staff
My husband and I signed a 6 month lease for this apartment thinking we were getting a really good deal. We gave the manager our money so we could move in but we didn't end up getting to move in untill two weeks after the date we were supposed too. And then they had to still come in and fix things while we were living there ! The showerhead was compleatly rusty and nasty and the so called "Re-Surfacing" of the bathtub was nothing more then a coat of spray paint that cracked around the edges and is now falling off. When we put boxes on the top shelf I found a small purse full of drug baggies and needle caps. Its like the never botherd to clean anything in this apartment. The kitchen floor is cracked and permantly stained. They pained the whole kitchen but didnt fix the hole in the counter or bother to pain the dingy brown hood range. The neighbors are the rudest people on the face of the planet. They are ALWAYS blasting their music from 8am till 4am the next morning. You can ask them to turn it down and they are pissy rude about it and 10 minuets later its right back up blasting through the walls. The cops are out here weekly always being called out here for something but belive me this dosn't change a thing. The first month there wasnt a problem with the sound. It just seems like the manager has decided to forget the background checks and just move people right on in. So unless you like loud music and cops out here all the time don't consider moving in here !
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Braeswood Plaza Apartments

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