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Breckenridge At Cityview



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2007
When we first move to these apartments the staff was friendly and the apartment looked great for the price that we got it for. Within a few months everything in the apartment started falling apart. When we contacted the office they tried to pin everything on us and charge us for their shotty patch up work on the apartment. We have not had hot or even warm water running in our apartment for about 6 months. The windows leak every time it rains. The plumbing backs up often. People have been shot in the parking lot in front of our apartment and the building behind us caught on fire and burned down ( I'm sure for something the apartment messed up on) They advertise that they are a gated community and the gate is always broken / stuck open. About the only thing that stays gated are the key entry gates which they failed to give anyone a key that actually works to open them except maitanance and the crappy security gaurds! They even put an eviction notice on my door for owing them $0.04 on my rent ( how rediculous is that?? it cost them more money to print out that notice than I owed them!) I DONT CARE HOW CHEAP THE RENT IS--HOW NICE THE STAFF SEEMS---DON'T MOVE HERE!!! It will be the worst living experience you have ever had (and I used to live out of my car!)
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Breckenridge At Cityview

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