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Briarwood Village Apartments



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Office Staff
howmuchnoise • Resident 2004 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2007
Then they 'broke' the water supply. Down for 12 hours so far. The note on the office door says it's the City's fault, ie not Berkshire's problem. <br><br>Once the renovations are complete, the complex may even be one color. Currently, the place looks like a school abstract art project. Just how many colors of paint does one wall need? Apparently, painting an entire wall in one shift would be dull, so paint only part of the wall and use multiple shades. Also, remember do not under any circumstance let the residents know that you will be working on their building, power washing, spray painting and welds to the old railings must be done without any prior notice. Some days it's an adventure just leaving the apartment. You'd pay extra at Six Flags for such excitement. And remember, when you ask one of the contractors anything, you'll get a smile and 'no speak English'.<br><br>So since the new management company took over things have certainly nose dived. <br><br>- The place is a construction zone.<br>- parking areas torn up for repairs without notice/warning.<br>- locked out of apt when they changed the locks.<br>- water switched off for on property repairs (no notice given), then off completely because of 'off' property damage - that's just outside the main driveway where they've been doing all the drilling/repairs over the last few days. Just a coincidence about all the heavy trucks/broken water main.<br><br>And don't even think about where incoming parcels are stored right now, I'll give you a hint it's the office staff's bathroom. <br><br>When they've finished the repairs this place may revert to it's former quiet haven. Once completed it may very well be a nice place, but right now, ummmmmmmmm..... is all I can say.<br><br>We've been really concerned about some of the reviews on this site, the last few months living here have been stressful to say the least. Judging by the reviews things aren't going to improve any time soon. A real shame, this was such a nice place to live.<br><br>To qualify my ratings, the onsite maintenance team are helpful and efficient, the current office staff are friendly, very sweet, but sadly ineffective. Any chance of efficient & friendly? That's really whats needed here.<br>
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Briarwood Village Apartments

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