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Brompton Court Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/30/2012
The staff here is un believably bad at there job, the person that usually welcomes you at any other property doesn't say hello ill be right with you or acknowledge you even walked in. Horrible Staff, come to find out this is a training facility for Merion Reality services so they can distribute there terrible staff across the city. They start trash pick up service in the middle of our lease and the pick up time is between 8pm and 9am so if you leave for work at 7am and look and notice your trash is still in there you think i will leave it so hopefully its picked up by 9am well that would be the wrong thing to do apparently because then you get fined for leaving it out of your apartment even if their trash guy never picked it up, but don't worry he won't get fined for not doing his job. Also we are convinced that when we call for an exterminator they spray sugar water and not poison. Two cars got all of their rims and tires stollen and where sitting on blocks in the parking garage and when i asked my neighbor if he heard about it he said no, thats because the property didn't even bother to send out a notice saying to look out for thieves or just an FYI. They also claim to have 24 hour security but they don't wear security uniforms so my question is if you have guys walking around in normal clothes do you have security if know one knows who they are? Also i have lived here for a year and still have never seen these plain clothed "security guards" they talk about. When we first moved in and the next day we flew out for our honey moon when we cam back a week later at 11pm my wife jumped in bed to go to sleep and i heard screaming when i ran in and turned on the lights our entire bed and room were covered in fire ants she had at least ten bites all over her body not to mention completely creeped out. You would have thought they would exterminate before a new person moves into an apartment but, NO
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Brompton Court Apartments

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