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Cambury Place Apartments



Resident · 2010 - 2012
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Office Staff
I was very impressed with my apartment locators when they found Cambury Place Apartments. A small community is what I was looking for in order to accomodate my three sons. The layout is beautiful and the maintenance team is great. Unfortunately, I have had a few problems with the Manager. I have had issues with the water and the trash outside. I can look past the trash because I don't have to live in it but the water is another thing. We can not bathe in this water when it is filled with rust. This is very harmful. The issue still exist and I am not pleased on how the situation was handled by Greystar or the Manager. I only wish to have safe running water, in which, I have to pay every month. The City of Houston has confirmed that it is not an issue on their end. I don't want to move because we love the location. Upon moving in the Office Staff were very polite and courteous to us. What happened? The new Manager is very combative and argumentative with the residents. No issues are ever resolved with this new manager. I understand her position and I respect what she does, but this woman has a big impact on me moving my family elsewhere. I moved here because of the previous staff. They listened without responding harshly. But I still love my new place!!!
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Cambury Place Apartments

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