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Camden Heights

404 Oxford Street

Houston, TX 77007



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/02/2005
We moved in when this place was supposedly brand new and noone had ever lived there. Here are some of the issues we've had since being there almost til out year lease is up, we're outta here!<br><br>1) Rats and mice upon move in<br>2) Fire ants, after 3 exterminator visits, they are still existent.<br>3) Water leak. We had a dry wall leak in our ceiling that was held off from being fixed for about 6 months, til management finally decided to do something about it. Huge chunks of this dry wall would fall down until the pipe which was leaking was finally exposed.<br>4) Parking spaces are horrible. It seems like everyone from Louisiana and random visitors park in the garage, get the freak out of our spaces. The reserved spots that management thought was such a great idea is a joke. I believe half of those spaces weren't even purchased and random people park in them daily. What a waste!<br>5) Garbage facilities are clearly not sufficient displayed by the piles of garbage in the parking lots.<br>6) Parking spaces are tiny, if you own anything other than a small compact car, you will have problems parking.<br>7) Crime, we get notices practically daily about break-ins and other criminal activities on site. But what does management do about this? We used to have a security dude in the parking garage, they fired him. And what exactly did he do while they were employed there? I never saw them walking the halls, they just sat there. What a waste of money!<br>8) Freaking idiots in the complex actually name their pets Gucci! Who the f do you think you are? Paris f-ing Hilton? Lamer.<br>9) The ceilings are thin, we can hear people walking around upstairs and what they play they stupid dance music, it's even worse.
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Camden Heights

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