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Camden Stonebridge

9850 Richmond Avenue

Houston, TX 77042



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cookie6868 • Resident 2004 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 09/03/2005
I have lived here for over a year now and I don't want to leave. The floor plans are awesome - huge bathrooms, kitchen and closets - and the grounds are beautiful. The staff has always been super friendly and helpful and they even arrange monthly get-togethers for the residents, including game nights, pizza buffets, and pool partys. The rates seem high, but they always have some kind of deal going so don't let the prices scare you away. The apartments are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.<br><br>Maintenance problems are usually taken care of in a timely manner. We've had a couple of maintenance emergencies late at night and someone arrived to take care of it within the hour. Our bathroom fan has been broken since we moved in, and supposedly fixed twice, but we never need it anyway so we kind of gave up.<br><br>There have been a couple of break-ins, but no more than expected. These apartments are the nicest ones in the area; most of the others around are pretty ------, so it's not surprising if people target this complex. However, there is a security guard on site, and the entrance gate has only been broken once (and for a few days) in the entire time we've been here. I've never felt unsafe walking from my car at night, thanks to the guard and the lighting.<br><br>The parking situation is the only real problem we've had, as others have already mentioned. If you live in the front of the complex you won't get a space unless you get home from work before 6. No one ever seems to go out on the weekends, so if you do, count on not having a space when you get back. They have strict parking rules, so if you don't have a Camden sticker on your car and park in a resident space you will get towed. I see this as a good thing, but the only problem is they never check the cars outside the gate and that's usually where I have to park. You can pay extra for assigned covered parking and garages, but the covered spaces are always taken and the garages are expensive ($60/month last time I checked).<br><br>Another review mentioned their spare bedroom was too small and the bathroom too big - the spare bedroom is meant more for an office, not a person to live in. There's a bigger 2-bedroom floorplan that's meant for 2 people or kids. There are not a lot of children living here, mostly career-oriented residents. So the smaller spare room comes in handy as an office or game-room.<br><br>Which brings me to the noise-level. There are very few children and quiet neighbors, so there's very little noise. Sometimes it feels like no one ever lives in the adjoining apartments because we never hear them. The walls are very solid. Our apt is facing Richmond, so we do hear the traffic, but you can always get a room at the back of the complex to avoid this.<br><br>One other problem - electricity bills! Camden supposedly has a discount deal with Green Mountain, but I wouldn't recommend using it. We have not seen any kind of discount and our bills are ridiculously high. In the summer it ranges from $200-300 a month. So if you move in here, don't get Green Mountain, and don't get a 3rd floor apartment!<br><br>My roommate and I have decided to get our own places so I've been shopping around for a new apartment. I really love this place and I don't want to leave, so I'll probably get a 1-bedroom here. No complex is perfect, but compared to all the places I've lived in the past, this place is wonderful and I would highly recommend it!
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Camden Stonebridge

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