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Camden Vanderbilt

7171 Buffalo Speedway

Houston, TX 77025



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CamdenVan.Is.Bad • Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/27/2005
First off, do not move here!! This review is not just on behalf of someone who didn't enjoy the place but also on behalf of 5 other people who moved out or are in the process of moving out due to how terrible this place is. I lived here for almost a year and was thrilled to move. There are much much nicer places in the same area (even on the same block) that will be even cheaper (I know cause i just moved to one). You will be paying a lot to live here for nothing special at all. In fact there are several other places minutes away from Camden that are five times nicer and cost the same or slightly less (I can promise you that). Next, the management is the worst. I have lived in dumps where the management treats you better. The manager (I believe that's who she is) (short blonde haired woman) was so smug and mean. Any time I went to the leasing office with a question or even to deliver my rent, this lady would give me serious attitude. This did not only happen to me, but also about four other people in my building. They even screwed up my lease twice where they were going to charge me a lot less rent, and when I brought to their attention, they didn't even care or thank me for saving THEM hundredes of dollars. The management is very rude. I'm warning you, WATCH OUT. If you have garbage that you put out your door to take the garbage dump in the morning they will fine you $150. No excuses, and eventhough all your neighbors do it they will randomly choose you, and just like that you are out $150. The apartment walls are thin, so you can hear AND EVEN SMELL everything all over the complex. If you are a student, this is the worst because your home should be comfortable and quiet, which this place is not! The complex is also filled with tons of old people who will yell at you if you are swimming to hard in the pool or are on an exercise machine when they want to use it. The apartment is also sticklers if you have too many people in the apartment, and they will kick people out (no noise, just too many people). Definetely not a place for young people. Kind of like an old retirement village. If you have a package that comes to the leasing office you have to guess when it arrives because they wont tell you. Furthermore, they have lost 2 of my packages due to disorganization. These people are greedy and very mean and will make your life very unhappy. And if you look for comfort and quiet, look elsewhere.
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Camden Vanderbilt

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