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Carlton House Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/31/2007
I have been here nearly two years. Older and younger neighbors play their music too loud!<br>They come into the parking lot booming it and then they go into their apartment to jam it even louder and for long hours that can go into the next morning. <br>This place is right down the street from a water treatment plant. It stinks like raw sewage in some of the apartments during the evenings and at night...when the ac or heater units are on..or when the windows are open. <br>The complex parking is too small to accomodate more than one car per apartment. Rude guests will park in tenant's assigned parking. Other neighbors will park in other's assigned parking. <br>Laundry center stays busy, neighbors will often leave their clothes in the machines and not return for them in a timely manner.<br>The worse is the smoke that comes into the apartments because people are allowed to have bbq pits too close to the apartments. <br>There is a large bbq pit near the back two apartment buildings and when it releases smoke it the smoke actually clouds up in the apartments. I had to turn off my smoke detector several times because the ac drafted the smoke into the apartment. The doors have also been shaved down so smoke was coming under and above the door setting off the detectors again!<br>Parents leave their kids unattended and allow them to play in the landscaped areas. There is no playground. Currently there is an autistic kid who is left in all manner of weather to play outside even during school hours. He yells at the top of his lungs and leaves his wagon and scooter toys, day and night, on the sidewalks where people either trip on them or move them to the side. <br>kids tend to play soccer in the courtyard which wouldn't be such a problem except there is no room and the soccer balls and foot balls slam the fenced in miniyards and brick walls of the units they play imbetween. .. the biggest problem is the parents leave them unattended and there are no security gates to allow such a thing to happen safely. <br>I don't reccommend this place unless you have tolerance for the aforementioned.<br>This use to be a nice complex. The locality of stores, big spacious apartments, and the fact its near meyerland does not make up for nights of lost sleep due to noise and unbearable stench, illness caused from stress, and lack of consideration from what use to be a nice apartment complex.
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Carlton House Apartments

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