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courtneymc2004 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/06/2007
My boyfriend has been living there for almost a year. i moved in and we singed another lease last dec.and paided money for us to be on the lease. we went to pay our rent, well... they lost all the papers that we singed and he is the only one on the lease. thats messed up. The writing below is what i am going to turn into the front office. And ill tell you what thats not even half of it.<br>_______________________________________ **The 2nd week of living in the apartment (March 2006), there was gun firer, right outside the door. In fact, we walked out from our door there were 4 bullet shells laying five feet from our door. Then if you walked the other way 8 feet there were another 5 bullet shells. We made a repot to the apartment manager, and showed them the bullet shells.**<br> **There has been so many break ins just right around us. Are car was broken in too, and our radio and some other things were taken. We had to replace our back window; we reported this to the manager. Then there was a new couple that moved in across from us. Less then 2 months of them living there, there house was robbed. They moved out! After that not even two weeks later, the 3rd story apartment across gets robbed. (How does the 3rd story get robbed???) So now there moving out. Also before all this had happened, a man in apartment E101 overdosed on drugs. We saw when they took the body out and had it covered.** <br> **In my bath room there is mold growing behind the tiles. It s so bad the tiles are starting to fall off. I have tried to scrub where it is turning black, and it won t come off. The grout all most all around the tub is back with mold. I keep my bathroom clean, and it just has a smell of mold. Now my little girl takes baths in there, and I know this can make her very sick and us as well. (Something needs to be done about it!!!)Not only that, a women lost her baby cause of it.**<br> **We have had our air conditioner go out at least 8 times. Once it was so bad, no one fixed it for 3 days. During the hot summer. We had to leave our window open just to get air in there. (That s just telling people to break in) Well we woke up in the middle of the night with ants all over our bed. They bit us up every where. So we had to go buy ant killer and spray our window down. Finley I was so mad, that I went in there and told them, My air needs to be on now. They told us that they have been having trouble with a lot of people s air conditioner and that s why ours hasn t been fixed yet. Finally they got to it, after 3days and calling them at least 5 times.**<br> **Our garbage disposal didn t work at all. We asked for it to be fixed. Food would get stuck in there. It would start to rot and smell. The smell got so bad that I had to stick my hand in there and clean it out myself. Not only that, I had to buy a plunger because when we turned our dishwasher on, the sink would fill up. If I didn t get the plunger to plunge it down, then it would over flow. So every time I ran my dish washer I had to be there. Finley Anthony got under there and had to fix it him self.**<br> ***The oven has never worked, that was one thing that we asked over and over and over to fix. Not only doesn t our oven work but only one burner on the stove works. It s been like this since last March. Out of every thing that is messed up in our apt., we pleaded with you guys to fix it. And still nothing was fixed. So the only option we have is to spend money eating out. I want to say, that we spend more money on eating out then our rent each month. It gets so expensive. Not only are you just buying food, but your spending money on gas to get there.*** <br> **When Anthony moved there, we went to hang our towels on the towel rack and the rack just fell out of the wall. Also the same thing for the toilet paper rack, I went to pull from it and the whole rack came off. It looks like some one just screwed them into the same hole and never put putty over it. It s the same for the towel rack in the vanity area. I like my home to look nice, and having holes in my wall makes it look trashy.** <br> **We have a cracked window, right next to our door. The people that got robbed on the 3rd story said that, that s how the people broke in. Anthony was told when he was moving in that the window would be fixed. It s still cracked all across the window.**<br> **The ice machine has never worked, so we half to spend money on buying ice every 3 to 4 days. Plus the light in the refrigerator never worked.**<br> **The bar that goes in between the sliding door and the wall doesn t even have the lock on it. I know it s supposed too. It looks like some one broke it off and it was never fixed.**<br> **The carpet in the vanity area doesn t even look like it was put in right. It needs to be replaced. I don t think they replaced the carpet before moving us in. The carpet had stains on it. I had to go rent a steam cleaner, because the carpet was so bad.**<br> **I keep my home very clean and nice. But we still have roaches and ants. We have put in for our home to be sprayed many times. Still no one has done it.** <br><br>
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