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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
A few years back I was a leasing agent for a great community that uses the TAA lease. As a former leasing agent I have a good understanding of the TAA lease, tenant rights, and the challenges property management may face. Living here has opened my eyes to new levels of bad! I have lived here for 6 months and been through too much. <br><br>To start on a positive note I will say that for the most part the residents are great! It is a very pet friendly community and being a dog owner I have had the opportunity to get to know many people all over the property. Walking the dog several times a day has also allowed me to be very in tune with the property. The maintenance men are great, very friendly and take the time to say hi. <br><br>When I first moved in I could walk my dog any hour of the day or night and felt comfortable because I would see other dog walkers. Now people are scared I can go out during normal daylight hours and it is a ghost town. I have been witness to peeping toms, trespassers, and other illegal scary activities. It seems the police are called at least once every weekend. Regularly the outside evening lights are burnt out and not replaced promptly. The pet waste stations are not regularly maintained, often the trash is over flowing and there are no waste bags available. You cannot walk in the grass because there is dog waste everywhere. I clean up after my animal s waste but most residents do not and the property management does nothing to clean it up either. Once a week the lawn crews just mow through it. This disgusting approach to the problem creates the lovely aroma of animal waste during those hot summer days. <br><br>If the threat of danger when walking the dog was not bad enough, I worry that I will come home again to illegally being locked out of my apartment. I was locked out of my apartment due to an immature stunt pulled by the former assistant manager who surprise, surprise is no longer working here. FYI even if they had grounds to lock me out of my apartment, which they did not, the law requires a 3 day advance notice of lock out. They skipped that step. Police were called and 3 hours later I was able to get into my apartment and walk the poor dog that had at that point had been locked in the apartment for 11 hours. Then I approached the property manager, Carrie, regarding her lack of just cause to lock me out and her failure to provide me with the 3 day lock out notice. She and the former assist manager proceeded to falsify TAA documents and the leasing agent on duty at the time confirmed their illegal actions. <br><br>I learned that you should NEVER use the drop box when paying rent early because they just leave it unattended for days! <br><br>My latest problem is I have an unwanted house guest. Oh yes a RAT has moved in. I am terrified! The rat moved in to eat my dog s food. When I complained about the rat I was told on a Friday that I have to wait until Wednesday before they would do anything. I told them that was unreasonable. To get me out of the office they took my number and still have not called! I fear coming out of my bedroom now because the bedroom is off the kitchen where I saw the nasty rat. I also fear for the safety of my Chihuahua because she is not much bigger than the rat.<br>
Chateaux Dupre Manager06/17/2015

Villagio Apartments is under new ownership and management! We have started an EXTREME MAKE OVER and look forward to the many upgrades coming to your new home!

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