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Copper Springs by Cortland

13333 West Road

Houston, TX 77041



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punchdrunklove • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/07/2005
Since you might not want to read through my whole personal experience I'll put the regular stuff first:<br>The good: <br>This place is new and beautiful. We haven't experienced any vandalism or break-ins to our cars (knock on wood). This place feels a thousand times safer than our last apt, PEPPERMILL PLACE (do not move there)<br>The people who live here seem upstanding, quiet, and just all-around good.<br>Now, the bad and the UGLY:<br>The walls are very thin. I can hear the people next door snoring at night, and when they play music/TV it sounds very loud even though it isn't. So if you like quiet, or, if you like to be loud; think about that because you can hear everything your neighbors do, pretty much.<br>The staff is the worst thing about this place (See my personal experience, farther below)<br>The parking is HORRIBLE. It's true that hardly anyone respects the assigned spaces, but you can't really blame them when there is NOWHERE else to park in the whole place! The problem is either poor design, or no one is paying for those garages. Suffice it to say there is NO room and if you live here, expect to park FAR, FAR away from your apartment on a regular basis.<br>It's also true that they take their sweet time fixing the fence (The complex has a metal gate all around, except in the back, where it is a regular wooden fence) My balcony faces out this way so I see how many slats are missing and how long it take them to get around to fixing it. I don't care about looks, it's a safety issue. PEOPLE are breaking these slats off the fence so they can enter/exit the property through the back. Not safe.<br><br>Maintenance does suck, I called them like three months ago about my fire alarms malfunctioning, and they never came or even called. I guess if it's not a big emergency they don't give a crap about you. We ended up having to call the fire department and ask how to disconnect the alarms because they were going off non-stop (yes, we tried replacing batteries). So now we have no fire alarm protection. Yay! I can hear the neighbor's alarms going off at all hours of the night too, so it isn't just us.<br><br>Whoever said your apartment was infested with gnats, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are very clean people but guess what, same problem. They are everywhere! We didn't notice them at first, but it's like they come in waves or something. The sickest part is that they somehow seem to be coming through the refridgerator. You open the fridge and there is a layer of dead gnats on the bottom. Same with the freezer. It's disgusting! We told the office about this and they said it would be taken care of when the exterminator came around. Wrong.<br><br>WORST. STAFF. EVAR!!!!<br>The staff here is horrible, both before AND after the change of management (we've been here for both). The manager is NEVER there, she/he (we don't even KNOW!) comes in at like noon everyday. Also it's true what people are saying about the phones, they hardly ever have the phones TURNED ON! Gee whiz, I wish *I* were an apartment manager, sounds like a sweet gig!<br><br>Our experience:<br>The leasing agent showed us the model, and we agreed to move into a second floor, 2Bd 2 Bthrm. We made it clear that we were ONLY taking the second floor apt because it was the only one available with a fireplace at the time. We didn't go see the actual apartment (we just saw the model), because they are so new we knew it wouldn't be trashed or anything. <br><br>So...after the lease has been signed and we had paid to have movers haul all our stuff over here, we step into the apartment and NO FIREPLACE. This may sound petty; but my roomate has very bad knees and remember the ONLY reason we took the second floor apt. was because she wanted a fireplace. We had made this VERY clear to management, how could they be so stupid??<br>What could we do? We had to stay, or we would've had to pay movers to haul all our stuff to another unit, which also would not have a fireplace.<br>The management agreed that to make up for their error, we would be given free washer & dryer rent. The way it would work was, we would pay the washer & dryer company, as normal. But when we paid the rent, we would deduct the amount for washer & dryer from the rent check.<br>Five months go by, not a peep from them. Then suddenly, the other day, there is a bright yellow notice on the door saying we have three days to pay them $100 or we will be EVICTED! <br>Turns out, they never even officially documented that we get the discounted rent, so it had added up to 5, $20 laundry deductions, equaling $100 "behind" on rent! This is an honest mixup, but WHY DID THEY WAIT FIVE MONTHS TO LET US KNOW! They had to leave a threat on the door!?! This may or may not have had something to do with them not believing in phones...grrr<br>These people are complete idiots. The other people posting here are right, they don't CARE about the residents at ALL, and they are always making mistakes about billing and stuff.<br>We have been here FIVE months, and they STILL don't have remotes to open the gate. We have to enter the code manually. Not that it's so much trouble to open the gate manually, but FIVE MONTHS??<br><br>I want to say one more thing. If you are reading this review, I assume you are looking for an apartment in this part of town. I want to warn you about a place just down the block called Peppermill Place. DO NOT MOVE THERE. It is the ------, no offense to anyone but it's true. I had my car broken into twice, my roomate's car STOLEN and never recovered, our neighbors' vehicles were broken into so many times that one night as it was happening, we all heard them, and my neighbor ran out there with a gun, shooting at the jerks! They still got away. <br>The police told us that Peppermill Place gets more calls than ANY complex in their entire little patrol-area!!! <br>Shortly before we moved out of that hole, some nice people had just moved in across from us. They weren't there ONE WEEK, and they had their truck stolen!<br>On top of that the apartments are OOOOLD and nasty, the appliances and cabinetry are all from the 70s (our dishwasher NEVER worked) they don't have enough dumpsters and the trash ends up spread over the entire parking lot, the staff is just as bad as here at Las Ventanas, and they charge WAY, WAY too much for it being such a dump. Just a heads up, it's a bad bad place, avoid.
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Copper Springs by Cortland

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