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Copper Springs by Cortland

13333 West Road

Houston, TX 77041



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/09/2007
Every night there will be at least 10 cars per hour that drive by with loud rap music. It seems that nobody in this complex has the courtesy to turn their music down, especially at late hours of the night. Additionally, the gate is VERY loud when it opens, and has on several occasions interrupted my sleep. They also don't support Time Warner, like many complexes. A few times I've had problems with the power flickering on and off really quick(about 10 or 20 times over the course of my 7 month lease) it causes problems when it shuts off all my computer stuff, and resets my alarm clock.<br><br>Its not just people in cars either, Often, a tenant, not sure if it's below or above, has loud rap music on at late hours of the night with extremely loud bass. I'm sure other tenants have this problem as well. <br><br>The staff has a very hard time handling mail packages. When I first got DSL, a modem was sent to me. I got a slip on the door from UPS saying that the package was delivered, however when I asked the office they said they didn't know. It was about a week before someone finally acknowledged that my package was there. This was after SBC had come to the apartment so I had to reschedule my installation call(another week lost because of the management) The employee turnover rate seems to be high as well. Management was switched halfway through my lease, which caused a large assortment of problems. Many people had problems with their rent prices. I still haven't received a key for the gym, despite asking every time I visit the office, and I didn't receive a remote to open the gate until about 2 months after I moved in.<br><br>A few weeks back, I was awoken by a mother accusing her daughter of smoking marijuana. She sounded borderline abusive and I feared for her daughter's wellbeing. Either way, you either have an abusive mother, or illicit drugs in the complex, possibly both. Obviously, neither of these are good things.<br><br>The rent prices are not at all worth what you get. I have never felt safe sleeping in this apartment.
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Copper Springs by Cortland

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