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Cranbrook Downs



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
Hi am not going to sugar coat my experience. I still live here until my lease is up in a little over a month. In getting the apartment the manager at the time was rude when asking for paperwork. But i still signed the lease. It's been a year. They did lie and say maintenance was a priority but it isn't. They can take weeks to come if they don't think it's an emergency but it does get fixed. I did have a few roaches but with pest control coming 3 time and me using my own stuff it worked. When the hour water goes out they do come fix it. On Christmas eve they were closed but emergency maintenance came quickly to fix it. My rent increased after my 1st 6 month lease was up for 25 dollars and if i resigned again they would raise it another 25 dollars and i don't think my apartment is worth another 25. The manager erica did do a lot for me when i resigned my least fixed everything i asked within a month of resigning and she even agreed to let me get it off my least if it wasn't finished in the time frame we allotted. It got done! The assistant manager janicke (i think that's how you spell it) is super sweet and makes sure things get done for me atleast. Marianna is a great leasing agent and will take care of you. There are things that go on outside of my apartment like shooting and what not but i stay to myself. I would not have even known this stuff happens unless a co worker of mine that stays here too tells me. I stay to myself. I go home and stay in and then i leave to go to work. When you keep to yourself you should have no problems. I would recommend this apartment complex to people who are more to themselves and stay inside. Outside people hang out a lot. Also parking sucks. It's first come first serve i think there should be done kind of reserved parking for at least one vehicle to each apartment number. On one side of the complex no one parks at because there's plenty of space to park and its not offer crowded but on the other side late at night when i get off i have to walk thru the complex because i parked away from mine. To future readers i am not anyone from the office i am a true tenant and pay my rent. The people i deal with in the office that is how i see them because that is truly how i am treated when i go in there. They know me by name and apartment number. I appreciate that. Thank you Cranbrook Downs for being way better than the thicket apartment i moved from. Update: I did resign again for a year and rent stayed the same, but only because I told them I would resign if they kept rent the same and also fixed up some stuff, as time went on maintenance got worse, they still are worse, I resigned after the year for another 6 months, ughhh...I didn't want to! Only reason I did was because while searching for another apartment I couldn't find one that had full size wd connections and bigger than the 656 sqft I live in. As I stated maintenance is still not any better, they are taking forever.
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Cranbrook Downs

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