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Cranbrook Downs



Resident · 2013 - 2015
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Office Staff
Once again.. My apartment was broken into not to long after I first moved in in broad daylight while I was at work.. O no don't think for one second that your belongings are safe because it's daytime.. Honestly I think most break ins are a inside job through maintenance or staff. Especially since most break ins happen in the daytime. Except this time they attempmted to break in at night I guess the good thing I can say is that atleaest I was home so my STUFF was o so safe they kicked my door and realized ppl were there and left. It couldn't have been hard to kick the door down because if you look at the picture you see exactly what was supporting the door frame.... Nothing.. Also I guess another good thing I can say is that it's been about a year since the last break in...o great 2years and only 2break ins at my home! Smh . The office doesn't really care you tell them the next day that your place was broken into they themselves aren't even a little shocked which I'm not surprised.. Noisy apartments,paper thin walls, kids are not watched by the parents at all if I had children o would not let them play with any of them over here seems like the parents just let them run around soon as they get put of school and it's always with zero supervision, I here the children almost everyday outside my window using worse profanity than I here other adults use and none of them are even teenagers they're usually between 5 and probably 10-11, always a thousand men standing outside day or night, people sit on your car then get angry when you ask them to not sit on your car.. I can say that for about a month the apartments were secured by a better security company that would walk around with k9 units. But like i said it only lasted about month now they are gone.. So within the 2,years I've been here security went from horrible to none to decent back to none again...your rent WILL rise when I moved iny 1bdroom was about 400 now my rent is 595 and slowly for surely will be in the 600s and it's surely not worth it. Even If you stay to yourself it wont help cause I've been here a while and know really no one uugh its beyond ------. And don't let that little drive through you do in the daytime when all the kids are at school, mothers are at work and baby daddy's are asleep fool you..yea it looks sooo nice and quiet.. Birds are chirping, the pools are sparking, the sun is shining etc.. Yea right DO NOT MOVE HERE!!!!!!!
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Cranbrook Downs

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