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Creole On Yorktown



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houston_man • Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 03/25/2007
The place looks nice from the outside. The grounds are beautiful and well maintained. The apartments themselves are a little old but well maintained. The problems are with the management and security. The place is car thief's dream. There is no security and the gates don't work half the time so anyone can drive in. Also, if you come in late at night, you can just call on the intercom on the north gate and the managment will sometimes just buzz you in! The security's a joke. They had one guy who's supposed to patrol at night but he also did the apartment complex next door! Seems like every week, we get a note taped to our door informing us that there was a vandalized car or a break-in. A couple of times, they had some guy that was committing 'lewd acts' by the pool.<br>The management's rude beyond belief. They don't know the meaning of customer service. When we moved out, I made the mistake of not doing a walkthrough with them. We had cleaned the place up, vaccumed and shampooed the carpets. There was one area near the kitchen that had a small stain about the size of a tennis ball. After we had moved out, we get a call from them saying that we owe them about 1200 dollars for carpet damage. I told them that we had cleaned it up but the lady was rude to my wife. Next thing we know, I was getting calls from collections companies because they had reported it as an unpaid debt. It took me several months to straigthen it out but i'm out 1200 and damaged credit.
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Creole On Yorktown

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