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Aelia500 • Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/29/2012
I think that the staff in the leasing office are using diffrent names to write thes reviews because i lived in the apartments this pass year of 2011-2012 and the are not any apartments i would even recommend to man's best friend (DOG). lets see i moved in and the apartment had bed bugs, i reported them with in a week of moving in but i called them fleas because I've never seen a bed bug and they tyed to charge me for the extermination. then all my neighbors habor atleast 6 cats each. one inparticular that use the bathroom on the property and thats all you smell everywhere. Every time it rains there is no power in the community and it takes atleast 3-8 hours before they are back on. And sometimes they just go out when there is just thunder. all the amenities suck. fitness room is not up kept, landscaping is kitty liter, they are really out of date and on top of that its nothing but bums and homeless people hanging out at the car wash across the street from the complex. The leasing agent Rebecca and Heather are so unprofessional. And do your research on apartment H16 and look for the name of the same complex as FONDREN GREEN APARTMENTS, and you will see police reports from the complex things REBECCA fails to mention. When i first moved in my son bumped his head on the wall and we discovered 2 bullet holes one that had a bullet still in it. These apartments are horrible, and nothing will be fixed on time. if someone would have warned me last year i would have never moved there. ATTACHED IS A REVIEW FROM OTHER SITES ON THE SAME APARTMENTS Crossview Court apartment 2929 Crossview Houston Texas 77063 - not on recommended list - - makes claims to credit reporting agency about you high electric bill --- $150 month very small one bedroom apartment one central air conditioner unit for entire complex parking located next to bedroom windows cars known to crash thru bedroom wall cars towed nightly - not on recommended list - other Galleria apartment ~ Westheimer Woodlake ~ map cross view apartments ~ main Police are searching for two men responsible for a possible drug-related slaying Wednesday at a southwest Houston apartment complex. The man was shot to death about 2:30 p.m. while sitting in a car at the Crossview Court apartments on Crossview near Westheimer, Houston police said. "It's a possibility that he was engaged in a narcotics transaction," said Sgt. Ryan Chandler, with HPD's homicide division. Police said the gunmen, identified only as two men in their 20s, shot the victim several times with a semi-automatic pistol before fleeing. They crashed through the gate leading to the complex during their getaway, officials said. The dead man was identified by friends and relatives at the scene as Devarek Joseph. Police said Joseph wasn't a resident at the complex but had friends who lived there. Norma Washington said she helped raise Joseph and knew him since he was 12. She denied allegations that he was involved in illegal activity. "He was a good person. he went to church every Sunday," Washington said. "He wasn't in gangs or nothing like that." Anyone with information about the fatal shooting is asked to contact HPD homicide detectives at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS (8477). A 29-year-old man was shot dead in his car on Wednesday, according to the Houston Police Department. Devarek Joseph was sitting in his car in the parking lot of the Crossview Court apartments, at 2929 Crossview Dr., when another car drove up. Police say that after a brief exchange of words, Joseph was shot multiple times in the head and chest, and the suspects drove away. Anyone with information about the killing is asked to call HPD homicide detectives at 713-308-3600 or Crime Stoppers at 713-22-TIPS. http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2009/06/bayou_body_ A 78-year-old man who was shot and wounded outside his southwest Houston apartment died at Ben Taub Hospital. Anthony J. Hess, of 2900 Crossview, was shot about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday during a robbery attempt. Police said Hess had just parked his car when he was approached by two men who demanded money. One of the robbers shot him in the chest, and Hess was taken to the hospital where he died about an hour after arrival. Police said the assailants fled after the shooting and are still at large. http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl?id=1992_10662 A police officer shot and killed a man after he beat her in the face and head with her flashlight Wednesday in southwest Houston Greene broke free and ran through a parking lot to the 3000 block of Crossview, police said. Shaver chased him, caught him and tried to subdue him again. http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl?id=1990_688573 A police officer shot and killed a man after he beat her in the face and head with her flashlight Wednesday in southwest Houston ......Shaver caught Greene at an apartment complex at 2925 Crossview, police said. As they struggled again, she shot Greene once in the left side with her .357-caliber Magnum revolver. http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl?id=1990_688573 A Harris County grand jury declined Monday to indict a Houston policewoman who killed an accused crack cocaine smoker during an arrest attempt in which he repeatedly beat the officer, prosecutors said. Tinsley Gwinn-Shaver was exonerated in the March 7 shooting of James Greene, 44, in the 2900 block of Crossview. Prosecutor Bruce Halling said Gwinn-Shaver decided to stop Greene's car after checking its Oklahoma license plates and finding they were bogus. After stopping him, Gwinn-Shaver learned Greene was wanted on charges of violating his probation by using crack http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl?id=1990_724184 City and state officials Thursday were investigating the extent of chlordane contamination at a southwest Houston complex where the pesticide was misapplied inside apartments, a city spokeswoman said. Shirlene Bridgewater, spokesman for the Houston Department of Health and Human Services, said chlordane, suspected of causing cancer, liver damage and nerve disorders, was misapplied to the interior of 14 units at the Fondren Green Apartments, 2929 Crossview. "Based on the information available at this time, maintenance workers at the apartments were instructed to apply chlordane inside the units and on the carpets of 14 units" as recently as six weeks ago, Bridgewater said. The apartments were sprayed for severe flea infestations after the tenants had vacated the premises, she said. Most of the apartments are still vacant. Chlordane may be used only as a termite-fighting agent and "may legally be applied only by underground injection or by trenching, treating and then covering the treated area," Bridgewater said. The recommended dilution for the material is one ounce of chlordane to 100 ounces of water, she said, but a dilution of one ounce chlordane to 32 ounces of water was used in the Fondren Green units. The department learned of the situation when a maintenance worker called to report becoming ill after the misapplication, Bridgewater said. Health department inspectors took air samples in the complex Tuesday, Bridgewater said. "Until a determination of the extent of contamination can be made, the Health and Human Services Department recommends that residents not allow children to crawl on the carpets or floors," Bridgewater said. She said the two departments and the apartment management are informing residents of the situation. http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl?id=1987_486586 A woman was charged Wednesday after she was accused of running over a bicyclist and dragging the victim at least 476 feet underneath her car, police said. The bicyclist, Debra Loyer, 48, of the 2900 block of Crossview, died shortly after the incident occurred at 4 p.m. Tuesday. The woman accused of hitting her, Patsy G. Gates, 59, of the 9000 block of Richmond, has been charged with intoxicated manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid, records show. Her bonds on the charges total $20,000. Loyer was struck as she rode a bicycle across the entrance to a parking lot on Richmond. A car entering the parking lot struck the bicyclist and continued driving. Gates allegedly fled the scene and was caught at a nearby apartment complex by a police officer who saw the victim being dragged. http://www.chron.com/CDA/archives/archive.mpl?id=2001_33103 Crossview Courts apartment rent renting You pay your untilities to them; however the range from 150-180 dollars amount this includes water, kwh allocation, sq. ft. allocation and 01 (whatever the hell that it) most residents saying in this complex has no idea how much they pay for electricity. When I moved in i was told that it bill would never be more then 120 bucks a month give or take a little when during winter and summer; however an additional 60 bucks isn't a little as 180 dollars is the avg. amount of my bill. Don't dare complain because both Kathy (apt manager) and her side kick are totally liars and will tell you what ever you want to hear to shut you up. Even though you pay all your money for this electricity you can't even control your own air conditioner. My apartment has never went below 80 degrees which is -------- because it gets HOT in the summer time in Houston. Everytime I complain they make it sound like I'm just bitching or something. If I'm shelling out 180 bucks for my air I NEED to be able to control it! Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/TX-Houston-Crossview-Courts-812270.html#ixzz1JY7PaGBc I moved to Crossview Courts about 6 months ago and I regret my decision deeply. Before moving here, I read all the other reviews and chose to look past the negative ones, which was a HUGE mistake. I have lived in apartments before, and this is by far the worse. They are extremely overpriced for what you get - an outdated, crummy apartment built from shoddy materials. The walls are paper thin and you can hear everything your neighbors do, especially in the bathroom. I've also already had to submit several maintenance requests which, even after they had been "completed," weren't done correctly. In addition, the management staff is a joke. The property managers are very fake/two-faced and will often lie to you in order to save face. The RAs are also untrained and know very little about the complex. However, some of them are just plain clueless. Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/TX-Houston-Crossview-Courts-1165877.html#ixzz1JtPu4YfB If you value your cool nature and property DO NOT MOVE HERE! A.C. is horrible, never works or always being worked on, the bill for this is way too high, they lie a lot and will deny anything they told you earlier and the asst./receptionist (REBECCA) is an egg head, never remembers nothing.She is just a body!!My car was broken into, I complained and no pamphlets was even handed out to warn other residents.And when it is time for you to move out, they will do anything to deny that you signed your papers so keep copies of everything Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/TX-Houston-Crossview-Courts-846618.html#ixzz1JtQtdUdW Even today the problems continue with the dishonest management (if you can call it that). The hideous office staff has an excuse for everything, unfortunately for them it varies each time the same problem arises. The amenities have totally been ignored. ( they did not replace the pool umbrellas after Ike) There are water leaks on the property that have never been fixed. The utility bills are manipulated my the owner without explanation. It is not safe to walk on the grounds after dark. They refuse to repair the entry system to the grounds, so they keep the gate open at all hours. Just a few things not including the numerous families and transients that have 5 or more people in 1 bedroom apartments. This place is a slumlords dream. Read more: http://www.apartmentratings.com/rate/TX-Houston-Crossview-Courts-846618.html#ixzz1JtRKxNd0 Buyer: Crossview Partners Ltd. Seller: City of Houston. Description: 169-unit Fondren Green Apartments. Property name has been changed to Crossview Court. Location: 2929 Crossview. Representative: Max Uzick of Duddlesten Realty Advisors for the seller. Crossview Court Apartment 2929 Crossview Drive Houston, Texas 77063 Rent: Deposit: Application Fee: $ 40 Credit Required: Lease Term: 6 Months, 12 Months Utilities On-site: Sub metered Building Type: Brick Bed/Bath: 1 / 1 Square Feet: 738-790 Apartment Type: Year Built: 1971 Starting Pet Deposit: $ Pet Policies: $200 non-refundable pet fee, 25 lbs, 2 cats ok. Apartment Amenities Microwave not working Disposal Dishwasher Refrigerator Walk-in Closet Rent late fee $100 Community Amenities Cats Fitness Facilities not working Swimming Pool Parking open - limited Towing trucks daily Limited Access Gate - when working Cable Ready cars towed daily Rooms Bathrooms Monthly Rent Square Feet 1 bedroom 1 738 sq. ft 1 1 741 sq. ft 1 1 790 sq. ft 2 bedroom 1 1082 sq. ft 2 2 1190 sq. ft 2 2.5 1242 sq. ft 1 400 sq. ft Crossview Court apt When the apartments ask - "How Did You Hear About Us" You say apartmentshoustonmovingrelocation.com We are pleased to offer you this free service. We get paid by apartment communities. Write apartmentshoustonmovingrelocation.com on your guest card application and lease as your referral source. Then fill out our on-line rebate form. find apt houston | find a Houston apartment | search for apartment in Houston | search apt Houston | search Houston apt www.apartmentshoustonmovingrelocation.com links - back page - yahoo - google - bing
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